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Dear Ted:
Justin Long
made a cameo when Drew Barrymore hosted SNL, same for Scarlett Johansson when her hubby, Ryan Reynolds, was on the show...getting your significant other to guest spot is all the rage these days! Would be one helluva great way to tell the world they're more than amigos. So Gerard Butler was the guest host Saturday night, and James Franco made a cameo.

Dear Saturday Night Gay:
Love where your dirty head's at. But like Jennifer Aniston would really stop by or something? Sorry, don't think either dude would be so obvious, were they truly launching on each other, which, of course, would be so hot.

Dear Ted:
I heart you and am a huge fan. I've been reading your column since back when you referred to Gwyneth as "Fishstick." But I'm bothered by your comments on Hollywood women like Gwynie, Jen Garner, etc. If they demand proper treatment from their husbands, you call them bitchy and manipulative. If they try to work it out with scummy men (Sean Penn, Duchovny, etc.) they are spineless. You can't have it both ways, Ted. I know healthy relationships don't make for good gossip, but what would you have a woman do?

Dear Not Exactly:
Definitely don't think there are only two categories for women in Hollywood. But think of it this way: In order to make it to the top of the H'wood ladder, it doesn't just take talent, babe. There are loads of decent actresses in this town. It takes cunning and thick skin—something not all "nice" girls (and boys) always have.

Dear Ted:
Nick Jonas
has been spotted with Courtney Galiano at these places! All of these are true and pictures have been posted on Oceanup: Kings Of Leon concert, leaving AMC movie together, jogging together in Breast Concert marathon, putting her in Bounce video, picking her up at her hotel Niagara on the Lake. He also took her to the first baseball games they attended in Toronto. Nick is sitting next to Courtney and they both look like they are drinking Diet Coke. Hello Pedo! It's so gross. What are his parents thinking? FYI as of 8/17 she had a steady BF she said in a chat! So, she leaves her BF of three yrs for a boy? She's a woman.
Born to sell

Dear Kettle, Black:
Sounds like someone has been doing a little Nick stalking herself.

Dear Ted:
Don't let up on holding Obama to his promises to the LGBT community. If his administration could take the time to end federal prosecutions of medical marijuana distributors in the midst of all the other issues crowding his plate, then they can damn well at least end all prosecutions and discharges under DADT until Congress repeals that heinous law!
Mike in the O.C.

Dear Preach On:
Gay rights or legalizing the ganja—it's a toss up.

Dear Ted:
Please tell me that my beloved Alexander Skarsgård isn't really seeing Kate Bosworth! I've never been a fan of hers. I know you guys didn't approve of Evan Rachel Wood, but at least she can act and isn't disgustingly thin...

Dear Butt-Slapping Speaks:
Sorry, but they looked mighty cozy together when we saw them backstage, doing all kinds of groping. They left together too, but who wouldn't be friendly with Sherriff Eric?

Dear Ted:
Has Jake Gyllenhaal ever met Toothy Tile? Do they have friends in common perhaps?

Dear Small Town:
Of course, it's Hollywood.

Dear Ted:
Need your opinion about some of Robert Pattinson's fans. I was reading some posts in his IDMB board, and they were actually shipping him with one of his best friends Tom Sturridge. They hate Robsten but going gaga over the prospect of RobStu? Do you know if there was something more than friendship going on between the two hotties back when they were just unknown in London?

Dear Gay Rob:
Can't two guys be really good friends anymore?

Dear Ted:
Recently caught up watching SNL with host Gerard Butler, and oh my gay, that was literally the gayest-themed episode ever! So enlighten us, is there some episode-themed correlation between Gerard Butler and surprise appearances by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and James Franco? One out of three correlations? Nada?

Dear Who Puts the But in Butler:
Sorry, hon, but if Franco can make time for General Hospital, he surely can for SNL. Think it was less about the hot guy and more about getting himself out there.

Dear Ted:
Are you aware that Nick Jonas has been on four dates with Courtney Galiano and she is 21 and a half yrs old! She was Miley's backup dancer in the Hoe Down Throw Down. She left her BF of three years and a promise ring for Nick J.! This has to be known! Jonas is all about purity, Trace was right!
Beacon of Hope

Dear Gross:
Will do some snooping.

Dear Ted:
Do Toothy Tile and Nevis Divine know each other? Not just "business" know, but personally? As in "hang out"?

Dear Hot Idea:
But no, they don't know know each other.

Dear Ted:
Will we get more Gillovny anytime soon, or are they over? I just wanted to ask because I'm tired of waiting for them to go public.

Dear Haven't You Heard:
is the new Gillovny.

Dear Ted:
Is Stinky Carrot-Crotch Seth Rogen?

Dear Right Idea:
Wrong B.V. for Rogan.

Dear Ted:
I keep having these wild erotic dreams about Alec Baldwin...I wake up so ashamed but happy. Should I be worried?

Dear 30 Hard Rock:
Must 'fess—agree he's looking much better with age.

Dear Ted:
I used to thank that Kellan Lutz was such a cutie, but in recent interviews he comes off as a conceited jerk! What's he really like?
Leigh Ann

Dear Hunk o Beef:
Don't think Kellan is serious dating material. Don't blame him. Look at the hunk—straight Hollywood guys don't come around that often.

Dear Ted:
I totally love Robsten, but I've gotta say, for me the most entertaining parts of Twilight were the bits with the human kids. Maybe that's just because Catherine Hardwicke is used to doing realistic teenage stuff with her other films. Anyway, I thought Anna Kendrick (Jessica) was absolutely any dirt or an opinion on her? Thanks!

Dear Anna Banana:
So far she's the Twi player with the most potential—isn't overexposed, is picking different parts and stays out of the limelight.

Dear Ted:
Do you think people would kind of step back on Kristen and Rob if they would come out of hiding more often then they do? Or do you think that no matter what they do and how much they come out in public the madness will never end for them?

Dear Both Ways:
Yes, if someone got the money shot confirming they are together, they would be less stalked than they are now. But it wouldn't loosen up that much.

Dear Ted:
Just wondering why you changed your name?

Dear Random:
Same reason Nikki Reed rewrites her personal history. Because I felt like it!

Dear Ted:
Have your heard of a possible arranged breakup for Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson? She was just on the Bonnie Hunt show and told Bonnie Hayden was her boyfriend on good days, and Bonnie Hunt told her to keep her options open. Then, it is said on her so-called Twitter page she is listening to this sad song from John Mayer titled, "Goodbye Lover." Just wondered if you'd heard of a possible breakup?
Laureen Foat

Dear No But...:
Wouldn't surprise me. They've hardly been what's known as solid. Ever.

Dear Ted:
I'm not looking for a cryptic answer from you. Maybe just a yes or no. I feel like the stage is being set for Robsten lately. Harper's Bazaar still seems promising to me since if it had something, reps for the magazine wouldn't tell Gossip Cop anyways. Also, promo is going to make it really hard to avoid the big elephant in the room all the time. I'm not saying they'll shout it from the rooftops but don't you think something's going to come out? Please give me your take!

Dear Hopeful But Doubtful:
I can't predict the future, but we're hearing that no such confirmation went down to Harper's. Would gladly be wrong on that though. I think we'll just have to see how this press tour pans out. Robsten is going to be stressed the max. Who knows what will happen under major pressure. Just don't think it's as neatly planned as that.

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