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Could Izzie (Katherine Heigl) be running away to L.A. to hang with Addison (Kate Walsh)?

Or maybe it's McSteamy (Eric Dane) who's heading down south—what? We mean to Cali!—with his former flame?

Anything is possible, 'cause it looks as though more Grey's Anatomy crossovers are in the works, and sources are rumbling about a possible third show in the mix. (Shhh…)

Meanwhile, we have exclusive news for you Bones fans, courtesy of David Boreanaz: It's official! Emily's sis Zooey Deschanel hits the set for the next episode.

Plus, more juicy goodness on the big Heroes death and who might not be dead on Lost after all...It's all in our latest roundup of exclusive TV scoop.

Zooey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel

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Annika in Palo Alto: Have you heard anything more about Zooey Deschanel guest starring on Bones?
It's official now! David Boreanaz spilled the news to us at Cirque du Soleil's Kooza Santa Monica premiere on Friday night. "I do know that Emily's sister is going to be on the next episode, which is exciting," he told us exclusively. "I think she's going to play Emily's cousin. It's a whole relationship thing that's going on now with us and it continues to grow and grow and get crazy." We smell a love triangle!

Randy in Minneapolis: I loved last week's Grey's crossover with Bailey! She killed it. Is there anything good you can share on Grey's or Private Practice?
I'm told by insiders that there should be at least two more crossovers before the season is through, though they have yet to hammer out details. So place your requests to Shonda for who's next in the comments below! In the meantime, I can tell you that I heard there might be a little swap-a-roonie in the works for Justin (Dave Annable) of Brothers & Sisters to cross over to Private Practice (since Justin is now in med school), but a rep at ABC says it's not happening. Hmph.

Dana in Ohio: I heart Jim and Pam on The Office! I'm still freaking out over that wedding episode and missed them last week…Do you have any scoop?
Just that John Krasinski is just as swoonable in real life as he was during that wedding episode. A looky-loo spotted him with real-life fiancée Emily Blunt on a flight Friday night from LAX to San Francisco and said the two seem (sorry, ladies) very much in love. "They were sitting in first class but when they got off the plane, he carried both of their suitcases," this onlooker tells us. "She was walking behind him to the baggage claim while talking on her cell phone, and he kept turning around to check on her." Oh, and yet another reason to hate Emily? She's in a movie with John Slattery, Daniel Dae Kim and Matt Damon. I am not alone in thinking this is possibly too much hotness for one screen.

Gabriela in Philadelphia: I would like some Glee scoop if you have it! It's the most wonderful show on TV!
The awesomeness of Glee gets even better a couple weeks out when our beloved Sarah Drew stops by to guest star! As Sarah tells us, "I play a character named Suzy Pepper who has an insane, absurd, psychotic crush on Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison). I don't want to give too much away because it's just hilarious, but she's kind of stalker-ish and creepy." Wait, is this like the Jaye-stalker character on Wonderfalls? "Yes, it's very similar to the Wonderfalls character, actually, but that much better…She has something redeeming that happens at the end. And there's a possibility of the character coming back. At the premiere party, one of the producers, Brad Falchuk, asked me if I could sing, and I was like 'Yes, put me in the glee club!' I grew up doing musical theater, and I have a lot of vocal training. I cry every time I watch Glee, because it reminds me of how happy I was when I was a kid on the stage singing my little heart out. So I'm hoping they do bring Suzy back." Ditto here on the crying while watching!

Thomasina: Any word on Smallville? We fans are dying to know if it is going to go another season. I really hope so.
Sources at the CW say it's just too soon to tell and that they won't really have a sense of how things are leaning until next year. So sit tight.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, House

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Jaclyn in Fresno, Calif.: Please, I need some news on Cuddy and House—tell me something good about them!
Look for House to throw himself into his work more than usual once he discovers that Cuddy is dating Lucas (Michael Weston). Poor House even follows Cuddy to a medical conference to try to get closer to her, and that's when he finds out about the other man.

Katie in North Carolina: I need some House news! When is Taub coming back?
Taub (Peter Jacobsen) will be back on House's team before you know it. Episode eight features a medically interesting porn-star case that House uses to seduce Taub and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) back to the team. Taub plays hard to get for a while, but the whole team (sans poor Jennifer Morrison's Cameron) should be back together full-time come November sweeps.

Jon in Maine: Who is dying on Heroes?!
All I can say is that the Heroes death/firing is the one guy a lot of people think it definitely couldn't possibly be.

Juliet Burke: Hello, I know I'm dead on Lost but I do care for James. Can you tell me if he'll be OK? I love him so much, but I know he has to move on and be happy again—that's all I wish for him. Libby says hi.
Wait a minute. How do you know you are dead, Juliet? If by chance you are a fan posing as Juliet, I would tell you that you shouldn't jump to any conclusions! As for James/Sawyer, I don't have any concrete info on how he's faring in the new season, but I know he is alive, and I haven't heard of any specific maladies headed his way. So no need to worry, as far as I know. I'll ask my future daughter-in-law Java just as soon as she can talk.

Maurice in San Antonio: How about some love for Supernatural? We fans are dying to know if Anna will be back. Can you tell us?
Yes, Anna will definitely be back! It's a good thing, no?

David Boreanaz

Mark Lipson/FOX

Nancy in Mesquite, Nev.: What's the scoop on Bones?
David Boreanaz is such a tease. He wanted us to give you this exclusive spoiler: "Who will end up being Booth's mom? I'll say one word: deep...possibly." What the heck is he talking about? Help us. Comments. Below. Now.

Etta in Denver: Hey, you told us you'd spill about what happens between Ella and Amanda on Melrose Place, so spill!
Amanda tests Ella's loyalty to see if the younger publicist is really the girl she presents herself to be, but Ella ultimately becomes Amanda's protégé.

Danielle in Woodland, Calif.: I'm really, really loving Melrose Place! I'm quite fond of Jonah and Ella. Any possibilities of the two of them actually getting together? Ella deserves the man she loves.
Chances for a Jonah-Ella hookup are looking slim-to-none right now, but Katie Cassidy recently told us, "I think Ella is a good person deep down, but if something had happened where Riley (Jessica Lucas) had never been in the picture, I'm sure if Jonah (Michael Rady) was down with it, Ella would be OK with them getting together." Basically, you're going to have to kill Riley to get Ella in bed with Jonah. In other Ella news, Katie tells us that episodes 10 and 11 focus on Ella's backstory and what made her the dynamic diva that we know and love today.

Taylor Kitsch, FNL


Adrianna in Marblehead, Mass.: You've got to give us some goodies on Friday Night Lights!
season four premieres next week! Can you believe it? OK, we'll have lots more on FNL in the days to come, but for now, you can expect these two things in the season premiere: (1) Taylor Kitsch clad only in boxers, (2) one of the saddest, most demoralizing scenes in the history of Friday Night Lights. Jason Street's paralysis will always be the worst, but these scenes are a strong contender for second place.

Melanie in San Antonio: Things have been too quiet on the Dollhouse front! What can you tell us about the next episodes?
We are delighted to tell you that Dollhouse sources confirm episode 209, "Stop-Loss," is a Victor-centric episode. Look for a lot of detail about Victor's backstory (à la Sierra-centric ep 204) and for Enver Gjokaj to show off his copious acting chops. Honestly, where has his awesomeness been all our lives?

Janie in Connecticut: What's the latest you've heard about my new favorite show, FlashForward?
When we caught up with Dominic Monaghan the other night, he told us they are shooting episode 11 now and there are still many questions to be answered. "I think we're just gonna go a little further and further down the rabbit hole, and then as we get closer and closer to the finale, things will start to come back together," he told us. "I like playing characters that are messed up. And that seems to be where we're going with Simon." P.S.: We saw a smidge of Dom last week, but insiders tell me his character's first big episode is ep six, airing Oct. 29.

Tina Fey

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Peter in Scranton, Pa.: I need more 30 Rock news—I've missed it so much!
Exec producer Robert Carlock tells us of the upcoming Halloween ep, "Frank and Toofer (Judah Friedlander and Keith Powell) realize that the hot girls that they can't seem to meet on Halloween—which is a magical night for drunk women in strange costumes—have all been going to these fabulous parties that Jenna has access to. So they're trying to use Jenna to get in there, and she's trying to use them right back for her own ends."

J.S.: I'm thrilled that Zeljko Ivanek will be joining Big Love next season! Any scoop on what his character J.J. will be up to?
Well, for one thing, he'll be introducing us to his parents. Yep, we'll be meeting the people who brought us J.J. and crazy Wanda and maybe finding out why their kids are so darn wacky, not to mention lots of drama surrounding Nicki's first marriage to J.J. and their daughter Cara Lynn. Another next character to look for next season? Ana's (Branka Katic) fiancé from Serbia. Hey, wait a minute, didn't she plurally marry the Henricksons last season? This sounds like a job for Cheaters.

K.P. in Charlotte, Mich.: I have a question about Sons of Anarchy: Is what happened to Gemma going to come out to Jax and Clay?
Before the end of SOA's second season, everyone in the club will know that Gemma was raped by those white-supremacist thugs from LOAN.

90210, Jessica Lowndes, Michael Steger

Scott Humbert/The CW

Jessica in New York: On 90210, any chance that Navid and Adrianna will get back together?
My source says: "I can't imagine Navid and Adrianna won't get back together, but it's going to be a long road, as Adrianna is going to turn back to drugs to mend her broken heart." Awww, Adrianna, hugs not drugs, chica! (And preferably hugs of the scantily clad, ratings-generating kind.)

Melody in Keokuk, Iowa: I know it's not back until next year, but any news yet on Royal Pains? It was my fave show of the summer!
We caught up with Royal Pains star Paulo Costanzo at the Scream Awards and asked whom he wants to play Daddy Lawson. The answer? "Paul Reiser." Can we all stop, take a moment, and contemplate the perfection of Paul Reiser as papa to Paulo and onscreen bro Mark Feuerstein? That's genius, right?

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters, Aly Weisman and Kirstin Heinle


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