Whitney Houston's wasn't the only near nip slip we got to see today.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to The View after welcoming her third child, Isaiah, in early August. While her reunion with Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg was smooth enough, the child's entrance to the world was not without its hiccups and oopsie-daisies.

Mom and tot wound up logging a few extra weeks in the hospital, and, shortly before they returned home, she proudly snapped a photo of one of the newborn's first smiles and, well, a little something extra.

"I had just been feeding him, and I took the photo," she recalled. " He had this huge, huge smile, and it was the cutest picture, so immediately I forward it to everyone in my family distribution list—my mom, my dad, my brother, Tim's dad, his brother, his mom, his other brother—and I sent it to myself, 'cause I'm on the list. So I get home and I open up the photo to see my cute little guy. No wonder why he's smiling because my nipple is in the photo!"

The hostess insisted the whole thing was "worse than drunk-dialing," although we're sure hundreds of embarrassed boozers would disagree.

Before delving into the truly hot topics of the day—Balloon Boy, anyone?—Elisabeth admitted the big problem with her newborn.

"I just can't believe I named him Isaiah, 'cause he'll never be able to spell his own name," she laughed. He's gonna totally fail kindergarten!"

The mom also announced that Isaiah is her "grand finale" child, and she won't be having five as she once claimed.


Isaiah may be cute, but he's got nothin' on our girl, Suri Cruise!

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