The Rock's Divorce Solidifies

Actor's divorce from wife Dany finalized; exes will share custody of daughter Simone and each contribute money for the child's schooling and health care

By Natalie Finn May 30, 2008 11:15 PMTags
Dwayne The Rock" Johnson and wife Dany Gregg DeGuire/

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has left no stone unturned.

The actor's divorce from his wife of 11 years was finalized May 19, and Dany Johnson has reclaimed her maiden name of Garcia, according to a detailed settlement agreement filed in Miami-Dade County and obtained by E! News.

The ex-spouses, who announced their separation last June, have one child together, 7-year-old Simone Alexandra Garcia Johnson.

Per the terms of a settlement dated April 29, the duo will amicably share physical and legal custody. Johnson will fork over $22,454 per month in child support and each parent will make monthly contributions of $5,000 apiece to a trust account for Simone's private-school tuition, health care and, eventually, her college expenses.

Furthermore, Johnson and Garcia have both waived their rights to any alimony and have agreed to trust each other when spur-of-the-moment decisions need to be made regarding their child, to allow her as much phone time as she wants with either parent and to recognize each other's right to play as large as role as possible in the girl's upbringing.

"Each of the parties shall exercise, in the utmost of good faith, his and her best efforts at all times to encourage and foster the maximum relations of love and affection between the minor child and her mother and father," court documents state.

The agreement, which obviously could teach most Hollywood types a thing or two, also includes a very detailed breakdown of the parents' custodial obligations on birthdays and holidays, including Father's Day and Mother's Day.