Richard Hatch Once Again Free to Spout Nonsense on Morning TV

Original tax-dodging Survivor winner is released from jail after completing his 51-month sentence; placed on three years' probation

By Gina Serpe Oct 16, 2009 1:45 PMTags
Richard HatchAP Photo/Steven Senne

Did jail turn Richard Hatch straight? Following his own impeccable logic, it seems the only plausible reason why authorities in Bourne, Mass., released him early this morning.

Well, either that or his 51-month sentence for not reporting his Survivor bounty to Uncle Sam was finally up.

Either way, the nude-loving reality star was released from the Barnstable County Jail around 6:00 this morning, at which time he was taken to his home in Rhode Island (where, incidentally, he was serving out his previous home confinement before a morning chat with Matt Lauer landed him back behind bars).

The 48-year-old was placed on three years' supervised release, ordered to complete a mental health program and will not be allowed to leave the tiny state without permission.

While he's now a free man, neither us nor the courts have yet to hear the last from him.

Hatch is continuing the fight to overturn his conviction on the grounds that prosecutors failed to properly poll jurors on their feelings about people's sexual orientation, and believes misconduct and discrimination—and not, you know, his blatant disregard for the IRS—had a role in his conviction. He's been representing himself and this week was told he would need to seek additional legal counsel if he wanted to continue his bid.

Where's Susan Hawk when you need her?


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