DNA Proves Keanu's Not a Dad; Mom Begs to Differ

Paternity test finds that the actor did not father any of a Canadian woman's four adult children; she begs to differ

By Natalie Finn, Whitney English Oct 15, 2009 1:19 AMTags
Keanu ReevesGeorge Pimentel/Getty Images

According to science, Keanu Reeves still has no children to speak of.

At least, so says the DNA test the actor submitted to in order to prove that he did not father at least one of Karen Sala's four adult children.

But apparently, Sala isn't willing to accept scientific certainty without a fight.

"Ms. Sala is challenging the validity of the DNA testing, so the case goes on," Reeves' attorney, Lorne Wolfson, told E! News.

But her client, she added, will not have to take another test.

"If [Sala] wants to challenge it, let her go right ahead," Wolfson said. "But we are confident that the DNA testing was done properly and that the results are sound."

Sala asked for $150,000 in monthly child support payments from Reeves, retroactive to 1988, as well as $3 million in retroactive spousal support.

Reeves maintains that he has never met Sala.


Looks as if Keanu will just have to join our gallery of Hollywood's Hottest Dads some other time.