Miley Cyrus Raps Her Twitter Peace-Out

Hannah Montana star drops a little street knowledge, some on-the-beat knowledge, about why she quit Twitter

By Jefferson Reid Oct 09, 2009 11:01 PMTags

OK, so she's no threat to LL Cool J or Eminem or even T-Pain, but Miley Cyrus knows how to rap a little bit in a corny-cool old-school style and she knows how to milk a moment like nobody's business. As we reported yesterday, Miley pulled the plug on her Twitter account and now she spills the deets to the beats. A sample:

"Yeah, you write what you're doing but who really cares/If I'm playing with Noah or just doing my hair/Everything that I type and everything I do/All those lame gossip sites take it and they make it news."

So what if she's a Twitter quitter, we're not bitter. Hey, are those backup dancers, or just her babysitters? Peace-out!


If you really want to kick it old-school, utilize some ancient technology and read more about Miley's Twitter swan song.