Tall, skinny and gorgeous women have bodily functions, too!

This is one of the many lessons learned on last night's Models of the Runway. Just before one of the leggy lovelies got booted, one of them tooted.

"The tension got broken a little bit on the runway because, I'm not gonna name names, but I think someone had a couple of, uh, gastrointestinal problems while we were on the runway," giggles Tara Egan.

Of course, host Heidi Klum wasn't the one who smelt it or dealt it.

"What happened? Someone farted? It wasn't me," she swears. "Who's not laughing over there?"

In true model fashion, Celine Chua took ownership of the poot, and with panache.

"I'm a great farter," she admits with a smile.

It's enough to make any frat boy tune in to Lifetime's Project Runway offshoot.


This calls for another visit to the Hollywood Wedgies gallery!

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