Nick Lachey

Larry Busacca/

Nick Lachey broke his silence over Daisy's disappearance. "I think a lot of people forget that Daisy was my dog, too—for years." He's right; we were all so caught up throwing a pity party for Jessica Simpson that we never stopped and asked the 98 Degrees singer about his feelings. "I was upset," he says. "It was sad to hear that happened, but it's part of the cycle of life." Finally, closure for everyone.

For the record,Tori Spelling weighs 107 pounds, not 95, "if you care about FACTS," Star magazine! Why can't everyone quit Twitter?

Katy Perry awkwardly interviewed Karl Lagerfeld after his Paris Fashion Week show and it was adorable. It briefly helped us to forget that this is going on.

Taylor Swift got photobombed by a mustached Daniel Craig.

Debra Messing wants your help feeding hungry people.


Suri Cruise always makes our Big Pic gallery worth looking at.

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