Hugh Hefner, Karissa Shannon, Kristina Shannon, Crystal Harris

Elayne Lodge/ Playboy

Just call it Hugh Hefner-palooza.

Not only is Hef about to launch another season of The Girls Next Door this Sunday with his new girlfriends Crystal Harris, 23, and 20-year-old twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon, but he recently met with Juno's Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody about coming on board to work on a feature film about his life.

And now he tells me that he's been approached about another television series…

NBC has expressed interest in a scripted show about "Bunnies and the Playboy Club in the early '60s," Hefner said when I recently visited him and the GNDs at his famed Holmby Hills mansion.

"It could be cool," he said. "It's a natural. I'm sure it's going to happen. It's just a matter of time."

And that's not all. Author Steve Watts apparently wants to adapt his Hefner biography, Mr. Playboy, for a television miniseries. "I've told him that until the feature is done, we can't do that," Hefner said. "They've also talked about a Broadway musical. All of it makes sense to me."

In other words, the 83-year-old Hef has no plans to stop working anytime soon.

"I think if you retire, then that's the beginning of the end," he said. "I think the show and my job for the magazine, it's what keeps me alive. I have no plans to retire.

"This is as happy a time as I've ever had in my entire life—and I've had some pretty happy times." he continued. "I could not be happier. I'm a very lucky fellow and I know that."

And the new Girls are pretty lucky, too. Just ask the twins' grandmother.

"I got the sweetest letter from their grandmother who raised them," Hefner said. "She said how happy she was that they're here and they're good girls and that this was going to be a good thing for them."


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