Gossip Girl Cast

The CW

What's a desperate show to do when it's getting less-than-stellar ratings? Add tons of attention-grabbing crap into the mix to make you watch, of course!

Gossip Girl is only in its third season but it's slowly but surely jumping the proverbial shark. First, by tapping Lady Gaga to appear on the CW drama as herself ('cause celeb cameos always blend in so well with the storyline), and now announcing there's gonna be a threesome on the show between three main cast members.

Hey, we're not ones to look a gift threesome in the mouth—we just won't approve 'til we know which three characters it's gonna be. Chace Crawford would bland up any sex scene, and Taylor Momsen is still too underage to think about in sexual scenarios. But Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and guest star Hilary Duff doin' the nasty? No complaints here!

In fact, we can think of another ménage-au-trois' we'd love to see on our TV sets...

Bill, Eric and Sookie from True Blood, duh!

We've already seen Anna Paquin go at it with both Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård on the vamp show—although the latter was in a dream sequence, it still counts!

And we so wouldn't be surprised if Sherriff Eric sinked his fangs into both teams. Plus, with HBO, anything goes, and a heavily censored primetime threeway on Gossip Girl could only pale in comparison to the possibilities on cable.

But if Anna gets a little jealous and wants to keep her fiancé Stephie to herself and her character, the only other three-way to rival a Bill-Eric-Sookie pileup would be Katherine Heigl and two mirrors on Grey's Anatomy. We already know how highly Kathy thinks of herself off-screen—like she'd wanna share the spotlight with two other castmembers! T.R. Knight can hold up both mirrors so KH can have her hands free, 'course.

How about Kara, Simon, Ellen and Randy goin' at it at the judges table during the recently relaunched Idol Gives Back? It would be so like American Idol to go the extra mile for ratings and one up everybody with a foursome.

What say you, you horndogs out there? What three characters do you wanna see smooching each other on your TV set?

Hell, they don't even have to be on the same show—we think How I Met Your Mother's Barney would have a damn good time with Liz Lemon and Don Draper, don't you? We sure would!

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