Heath Ledger

Ash Knotek/ZUMAPress.com

Is there some new Aussie eye candy ready to hit it big in H'wood and compete with Hugh Jackman's highly respected, droolworthy abs? Could be!

Australians in Film is taking submissions for its second annual Heath Ledger scholarship, which provides the winner with $10,000, a round-trip ticket to L.A. from Aus and a Showcast VIP Package, which includes being pimped out to all the big-name casting directors in T-town.

Though we totally love the support the Aussie film community gives its actors, it makes us wonder if scoring a scholarship like that really helps in the long run...

Sure, it's nice to have some extra moolah and attention pointed toward you when you're starting out, but it surely takes more than just winning a scholarship to make it in this biz.

Did Heath have anything like this when he started? Nope.

All he had was his talent and determination. You've also gotta look like Heath or Naomi Watts or Hugh Jackman or Nicole Kidman (well, in her heyday) to get anybody to give you a second glance. Hope all the applicants realize that simply winning ain't everything. Just ask Taylor Hicks.

Apply here if you're a struggling Aussie actor who thinks you've got the goods! 

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