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It's not the worst idea Jon Gosselin's had. In fact, ending his family's TV show just may be the best idea the reality dad's had since, um, well, let's just say in quite some time.

But what if, gasp, Kate Gosselin was the one who was right on this?

What if, double gasp, continuing the show would be the best thing for the Gosselin children?

Absurd? Nope.

We asked child-development experts to give us a couple of reasons why it'd be good for the kids to keep shooting Jon & Kate Plus 8—Minus Jon, Pending Court Rulings.

And you know what? We didn't stump them.

Patricia A. Farrell, a clinical psychologist, said, for better or worse, the Gosselin kids' TV show is their normal.

"It's part of their routine," Farrell said in an email. "They probably don't even give much notice to the cameras at this point because it's become so normal for them." 

Sure enough, twins Cara and Mady, who'll turn 9 on Thursday, have been prime-time stars for half their lives. The sextuplets, now 5, have been on TLC since infancy. 

When Kate Gosselin talks about the children "wailing and sobbing" after her estranged husband shut down production last week, Farrell hears the cries loud and clear.

"What would you do if you were a kid and some member of your family were banned from the home?" Farrell asked. "You'd cry, wonder why it happened and then think it was something you didn't do or did do."

Joseph Cilona, also a clinical psychologist, agreed that a sudden cancellation could be detrimental to the children. (Sorry, we didn't ask about the possible harm to TLC executives.) The Manhattan-based professional suggested the best way to end the show would be "with as much advance notice as possible."

"Six months or more would be best," Cilona told us, likewise via email. "The children should be given age-appropriate explanations as to why this will occur and they should be given specific and detailed explanations of how their day-to-day lives will be impacted and exactly what changes will occur."

Now, mind you, saying there are reasons the show shouldn't be turned off like a light isn't the same as saying the show should be lauded. Or even have existed in the first place. As Farrell put it succinctly, "No, kids shouldn't be on reality shows."

But the Gosselin children are.

That's their reality. As surreal as it is.


Whether you agree with the Counterpunch! or not, this is The Reality of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

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