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We've got the dish on Bree Buckley's bad intentions on Gossip Girl. (Did you really think she was as good as she seemed?) Plus, read on to find out which couple is due for some devastating news on One Tree Hill, Lisa Edelstein talking Jen Morrison's House exit, Lo Bosworth spilling on the future of The Hills, and Lance Reddick on an Observer-centric ep of Fringe...

Kelly in Ft. Myers, Fla.: I've heard that our favorite Dollhouse may be in danger. Does it help the rating if people watch on iTunes or Hulu? I always try to do my best.

Don't we all? Sadly, we Dollhouse fans are going to have to do better—the ratings are terrible. While the Fox bosses were gracious to renew it, their patience has to be wearing thin. If you possibly can (and we know it's hopelessly old-fashioned and uncool), please watch it live on Friday night and/or slip a $20 to any Nielsen families you might know in hopes that they will do the same.

Marriam in Mississauga, Ontario: I was just wondering if there's hope after all for Body Politic now that The Beautiful Life has been canceled? Body Politic should have been picked up to begin with, it was the smartest prospect for the CW since Veronica Mars.
Sorry, the death of TBL doesn't mean that Body Politic will be resurrected. Honestly, it's dead and buried, and you gots to let it go. Sorry, dear. That said, if you love good TV, hold out for the CW's Life UneXpected, which is coming up soon and is wonderful!

Penny in Austin, Texas: The Hills is juiciness this season! What can you tell us?
According to The Hills star Lo Bosworth, "There will be lots of fights. I feel like it's going to be a really stressful season. I desperately miss having [Lauren Conrad] on the show—she's so calm, and she's my best friend. We still live together." As for the future of the show, according to Bosworth, "I think we're going to find out in a few weeks if we're getting picked up again, and I'm going to make my decision at that time. I have a few other shows that I'm being pitched for as talent, for hosting. I'm really bad at reality shows, that's why I'm never the star of the drama. I think it's kind of silly."

Chastity in Michigan: I miss True Blood! Any news yet about the new season?
The writers are already back at work on season three of True Blood! Yay. And if you're a Jessica fan (like us), you might be interested to know that Deborah Ann Woll and Michelle Forbes are costarring in an upcoming film called Highland Park.

Pete in Baltimore: I already miss Weeds! Do you have anything on the upcoming season?
Sorry folks, Weeds doesn't even start filming until January so we've got a ways to go—but Elizabeth Perkins has some brilliant ideas for season six. "I'd like to see Celia get back together with Doug because I love Kevin Nealon. I like them together because they're so mean to each other." As for the future of the series, Elizabeth says she's game for more. "I know we're doing one more season, but I'd stay on board longer."

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Rene in Washington, D.C.: What's up with this new guy coming to Gossip Girl?
Damien (Kevin Zegers) is bad news. If you like raccoon-eyed Little J, you're in luck, because sources tell us Damien's going to bring Jenny "to a dark place." Break out the mascara and eyeliner, Jenny.

Mel in Boise, Idaho: I really like Bree and Nate together on Gossip Girl. Please tell me that Joanna Garcia is sticking around for a while?!
Sorry, Bree's not exactly a paragon of sweetness and light. Her intentions are not as pure as we've been led to believe. The redheaded Gossip girl mostly just wants revenge on Carter, and she wants it bad. Better luck next time, Nate.

Sydne in Canada: Loved the Gossip Girl clips for tonight. Can you tell us anything else about the episode?
Feeling a bit Bluck-deprived? We promise you'll get your "Chair" fix tonight. Just as Jenny thought a new beginning was in store, the reigning queen bee has yet another showdown with predecessor Blair. B just can't let go of the past, and when Little J begins the school year with a no-more-hierarchy rule, her little lackeys reach out to the reluctant NYU undergrad for an intervention. Of course, it takes the always incredible Chuck Bass to pull B back to reality.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Supernatural

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Shanna in Austin, Texas: Please, please, please share any gossip that you have on Supernatural. I can't get enough of the Winchester boys!
Prepare to die laughing, because in an upcoming episode, Sam and Dean are going to a Supernatural fan convention…

Juliet in Arkansas City, Kans.: Have you got any spoilers on Brooke and Julian from One Tree Hill?
Yes, but it's not necessarily what you One Tree Hill fans will want to hear: Alex comes between them, and Brooke receives some devastating news.


Jennifer Morrison

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Cate S.: I've been very disappointed to hear the news about Jennifer Morrison leaving House. Is there any hope that this is temporary, and Jen will be back full time?
At this point it seems like Jen might be back for a guest spot or two, but that's it. Sorry. E! News recently caught up with House costar Lisa Edelstein and apparently we fans weren't the only ones who were shocked by Morrison's sudden departure. Lisa told us, "Jennifer is an incredibly gracious, professional, sweet, lovely woman and I hadn't the faintest idea until I said something really dumb on set because I didn't know. But I can't really tell you what I said, because it has to do with a storyline that hasn't come out yet. But essentially [it was] 'How come your character keeps leaving and coming back?' as a joke. I had no idea. I was the last person to know. That's because she was just so incredibly professional and did her job and never let on to anyone what was going on. It was pretty impressive. She will be missed, I don't think she's going to have any trouble, so I'm not worried about her."

Shannon in Encinitas, Calif.: All right, I have to ask. The whole porn thing in last week's 90210 was too weird. Are they going to elaborate on that?
We'd almost forgotten about Navid's family business too, but Michael Steger tells us that 90210 is about to delve into the adult film biz: "We're going to see my parents again. They're going to talk more about the porn industry, and a lot of dirty details from my Dad's past are going to surface." With Navid's journalistic chops, we're curious to see if he's the one who uncovers the dirty deets.

The Office, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Ken Kreps

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Penny in New York City: Any more on Jim and Pam's wedding this week on The Office?
Oscar Nuñez
just told us they don't expect many couples to attend the festivities. "A lot of people went by themselves, except Phyllis." Obviously she brings along hubby Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration. Also, in case you missed our behind-the-scenes look last week, we tried to get Oscar to spill about what the heck Kevin is wearing, but he'd only say this: "There's a reason why he has those things on. It's a joke. He's pulling out all the stops to look good." Also, if you haven't seen it yet, you must check out, Jam's wedding website, which features such gems as this bit from the "about us" page: "I would hope that if you're looking at our wedding blog, you already know us, so an explanation of who we are and what we do seems kind of pointless, but in case you accidentally stumbled on this site: He's a paper salesman. She's a paper salesman. Together, we're easily the seventh most interesting couple in Northeastern Pennsylvania paper sales." (Also, OMGZ, you guys, Pam and Jim are getting married!!!)

Lily in Calif.: Ugh, I really wanted Tara to punch that stupid slut in the face on Sons of Anarchy. Please tell me it happens soon! If not, how about some scoop instead?
Don't worry, Tara's not done yet with the stupid slut. Tee-hee! In other news, Gemma's going to be wicked pissed when someone gives away her dirty secret, and as much as we all love Charming, the action (and the gang) are going to leave town for a while. Any guesses where they go?

Fringe, Lance Reddick, Anna Torv

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Tracy in Kingman, Ariz.: I'm finding Fringe strangely fascinating this season! What have we got to look forward to?
According to the very charming Lance Reddick, "We've got a real page-turner of an episode coming up that's all about the Observers. And there's a whole episode about Broyles revisiting a case, a killer, that's the one that got away for Broyles. That episode introduces my ex-wife (Karen Holness) and talks about why we got divorced, and what my relationship with Fringe Division was in the past, versus what it is now."

Marina in Brooklyn, N.Y.: I loved Stargate Universe! Do you have any info on what's to come?
Sadly, after the blockbuster premiere, we hear that the next installment is fairly weak on plot and visibly less expensive than the pilot. That's not to say that Stargate Universe is not going to be a great addition to the Syfy lineup long-term, but there's a minor dip in the road.

Elizabeth in Chicago: The first two episodes of The Mentalist have been great. Any news?
Amanda Righetti
tells us that things are looking great for Rigsby and Van Pelt: "I think they're going to hook up. There's definitely a lot of flirtation in the first few episodes." Yay!

Matt in Salt Lake City: Any Heroes dish?
Claire's new friend Gretchen is kinda creepy! Madeline Zima is getting too close for comfort in next week's episode, when the sorority girls come a-callin'. How Single White Female is Gretchen getting with new roomie, Claire (Hayden Panettiere)? So far we've encountered clothes-stealing, Facebook-stalking, kissing—and attempted murder? But Gretchen's not what she seems, and the evil Greek system may in fact be evil.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Megan Masters

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