Everyone Hates Lindsay Lohan's Fashion Line

The actress turned fashion designer debuts her "cheesy and dated" collection

By Jennifer Cady Oct 05, 2009 4:50 PMTags
Lindsay Lohan, Estrella ArchsDominique Charriau/Getty Images

Poor Lindsay Lohan can't do anything right. From the embarrassing Twitter rants to TV movies to the bizarre lip plumping, everything she does is an epic fail. It's starting to get sad pointing it out every time. But then she keeps doing it, and so here we are again. 

Lohan's most recent gig is "artistic adviser" of French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, a job where she "kind of oversees everything [actual designer Estrella Archs] does, while working with her. Different generations have different ideas."

Everyone expected a total disaster—and that's just what Lohan gave them Sunday afternoon at her Paris Fashion Week debut.

Women's Wear Daily called the clothes "cheesy and dated." Style.com said the show started out promising but then quickly "devolved into a bad joke of a fashion show, one with questionable color combinations, 'bad eighties' draped silk jackets and drop-crotch pants, old-fashioned and ill-judged fur stoles, and, yes, tasteless sequin pasties."

However, in a rather interesting turn, all the reviews legitimately felt sorry for Lindsay.

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images

The L.A. Times noted, "When Lohan came out for a runway bow, her eyes were full of tears. And it's easy to see why...The fashion crowd is a tough one, and the fangs were out for this collection from the beginning."

The Telegraph also echoed this sentiment: "My heart goes out to Lindsay Lohan. Right now, she is getting a taste of just how brutal the fashion jungle can be when the claws are unsheathed...and it is not a pleasant experience."

And WWD and Style.com didn't only rip apart the collection, they also offered up sympathetic "to be fair" statements.

"To be fair, Archs had just about a month to design the collection," Style.com pointed out.

"To be fair," WWD writes, "there was something of a Mean Girls motif at play. The fashion world, or at least its old-fashioned, traditional arm, greeted the Lohan appointment with endless snickers and rolled eyes. Its members expected, perhaps even hoped for, the proverbial train wreck."

Lohan has certainly become the underdog. It seems we all still hold out a bit of hope that she will eventually find her way and do something we can all applaud and cheer, “We knew Lindsay could do it! She’s finally back!” Now if she would just get behind herself.


Ms. Lohan was recently fined by our Fashion Police. At least she warned us we were in for the worse.