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UPDATE: Due to her illness, Miley has postponed Friday's concert in Omaha until Oct. 13.


Paging Dr. Dad! Miley Cyrus is sick.

Two weeks into her Wonder World tour, the starlet has come down with strep throat.

"Woke up with a sore throat =[ Why am I always sick?" she twittered on Tuesday. "Strep is the worst thing ever."

That night in Salt Lake City, she paused in the middle of singing her hit "7 Things," turned pale, hunched over and ran offstage, according the Salt Lake Tribune. A stage manager came on and announced to the crowd that she needed a medical moment.

Like a champ, the erstwhile Hannah Montana returned to the stage 15 minutes later.

Of course, there's nothing like feeling crummy to make a person act like a little kid again, something, when it comes to the 16-year-old, we love to see.

"Laying in bed with @mommytish," she tweeted that afternoon. "She is my patience, my peace, and my LOVE. She is a miracle worker. Her 'cuddle time' is the best medicine. :)"

Dr. Dad, aka Billy Ray Cyrus, donning a blond wig and surgical mask didn't hurt her recovery either.

"These are the times that my daddy REALLY comes in handy," she wrote yesterday. "He made me smile through the worst pain I've ever felt."

Even little sister Noah got in on the medicinal action.

"Nurse Noah is taking good care of me tonight," the germy one said. "I just put on a 'Snuggie' and ate a popsicle."

Sounds like a lousy party in the U.S.A., but feel better, Miley!


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