Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel

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Us Weekly's new cover story reports that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have finally called it quits, but is it true?

Doesn't look good:

Supposedly, J.T. dumped Ms. Biel on that very fine ass of hers, and Jess is having a hard time accepting it...even though sources tell E! News they were spotted holding hands just a few days ago.

We all know there has been some mayjah speculation about Justin's extracurricular activities, what with the ever-reliable Lindsay Lohan twittering J.T. was cheating (oh wait, she was just "hacked") on Biel while out clubbing in New York. And then there was that delicious rumor that Timberlake and Rihanna were making a helluva lot more than just sweet music together.

So what's the deal? Have Justin & Jessica finally decided to leaving dating-dullville?

Depends on whether you ask Justin or Jessica's friends (dare you to guess which side is saying everything is just fine). And remember we've been saying for months this couple has been thisclose to being busted for some time.

Even though Us jumped the gun on their cover, they are right in labeling the relationship hot and cold.

"They are always off and on," spills an acquaintance to semi-still-together couple.

But it's usually a pretty one-sided decision whenever they are "off."

From what we're hearing from partygoers who sometimes run in Justin's circle, he has been quite the flirt while out recently, hardly acting like he is in any kind of serious relationship.

"[Jessica] just doesn't want to do a lot of the things [Justin] does," fesses a pal of Justin's. Is that why they are only pictured working out together or eating dinner? And they always look so happy doing it, too.

Indeed, we're told the couple was "looking happy" on Monday, while out and about in Santa Barabra.

Look, if J&J aren't completely dunzo yet, it's only a matter of time before Justin gets his sexy back on the market, trust.

Sorry, Jess.


If Justin ditches Jess, he'll have more time to focus on that acting career of his, right? Check out what he has up in our Casting Couch gallery.

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