Terminator Star a Drug-Abusing Wingnut? Rep Says No Way

Estranged wife files a restraining order against Edward Furlong, saying drug use has turned violent; publicist "vehemently denies" allegations

By Josh Grossberg Sep 30, 2009 7:01 PMTags
Rachel Bella, Edward FurlongBarry King/Getty Images

Judgment day really sucks for Edward Furlong, even with nary a Terminator in sight.

The T2 star is reportedly in "lockdown" at a psychiatric hospital after a fight with his estranged missus that resulted in a restraining order.

A California judge signed the temporary order at the behest of Rachael Kneeland, who accuses her soon-to-be ex of hitting her in a drug-fueled rage.

Furlong's rep disputes the allegations and is seeking to overturn the order, blaming the couple's bitter split for the brouhaha. But as of now, the erstwhile John Connor cannot come within 100 yards of Kneeland and is stripped of visitation rights for their 3-year-old son.

All this, she alleges, because his "drug use has escalated along with attacking me and threatening my life." Her court petition states that during a Sept. 23 incident, the 32-year-old Furlong "grabbed me, bruised me, pushed me...[and] left messages saying he would hire people to come and beat me with chains and bats."

"He is smoking cocaine and doing other various drugs," she claims. "He is very unpredictable."

Kneeland (who also goes by Rachael Bella) says that she was forced to call police after he threatened suicide and that Furlong is now "in lockdown."

But Team Furlong begs to differ.

"Mr. Furlong vehemently denies all allegations that have been made and is currently working with his legal team to have this temporary restraining order extinguished," Furlong's rep R.J. Russo tells E! News. "Unfortunately, the two parties are going through a very contentious divorce and custody battle. Eddie's main concern is his son, Ethan, and moving forward with his life."

The publicist says that Furlong "has been sober for more than five years and is preparing to begin production on a new film."

The former child star, who once dated Paris Hilton and was a fixture on the L.A. and New York party scenes, has a history of substance abuse.

In 2001, he was hospitalized after nearly dying from a drug overdose. That same year he was busted by police on two separate occasions for driving without a license and DUI and did multiple stints in rehab, which by the looks of things, appear to be unsuccessful.

A hearing on the restraining order has been scheduled for Oct. 20.

—Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum



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