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Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig looking doable and divine—like that's a friggin' stretch—on Broadway. Hollywood's foreign imports are posted up in NYC to star in A Steady Rain, and we hear both guys are kicking ass channeling their inner Chicago cop, accents and all.

As the curtain went up at a recent show over the weekend, Hugh got a little distraction from the audience. No, it wasn't a cell phone this time, it's just that the crowd was so loud with applause that you couldn't even hear Hugh's damn opening lines!

"Hugh was drowned out by the crowd," our posh theater eyes tell us. "Smiling and a tad overwhelmed, he repeated it and carried on as the applause died down. Daniel, meanwhile, kept it together without breaking character...or a smile." 

Don't worry, though, Bond fans. Once it was time for Craig to take a bow, we're told he finally flashed his pearly moneymakers and actually looked like he was happy to be where he was, cell phones and manic fans included.

Checking out the happening he-man show was...

Bryan Batt, otherwise known as Mad Men's resident gay. While B.B. is no Jon Hamm in our eyes, the friendly fella had zero problems scoring a date for the night, as he had a cute gal in tow. She even happily stood by as Batt chatted away on his phone before showtime. Hope B2 turned the thing off once he went inside?

Buzzing across the same city...

Bill Pullman, who will soon be coming to Broadway with Julia Stiles, was catching the C train downtown. His companion? Someone nonfamous—shocker! Bill donned brown cowboy boots, black pants, a brown jacket and a black cap as he happily rode on New Yawk's public transportation. We assume it helped the nonluxe mood that Bill's gal friend had him laughing the whole time.

Also ditching the limo life was über-'70s mom...

Florence Henderson, and a girlfriend, who were merrily trekking down the streets of NYC. Flo and her pal made their way into Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini's show God of Carnage. A paparazzi snapped Henderson's pic on the way in and she happily welcomed it, smiling back at the flashes.

Did you hear that, Blake Lively? That's how you're supposed to do it.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder


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