This Just In: How I Met Your Mother Celebrates Its 100th Episode With a Mom and a Musical

With more TV news than you can possibly process, we've broken down today's top stories with a few chat items thrown in the mix

By Megan Masters Sep 28, 2009 10:00 PMTags
Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor, Cobie Smuders, Neal Patrick Harris, How I Met You MotherEric McCandless/CBS

How I Met Your Mother: They are casting the mother as we speak! In January's 100th episode, Ted gets very close to revealing who the mom is—and NPH heads up a HIMYM musical number!

Desperate Housewives: Did you see last night's D.H. premiere? Did you see who Mike married?! We don't want to spoil it for you in case you missed it, but if you did, Marc Cherry dishes on how this surprise unfolded on Wisteria Lane.

V: In strange schedule update news, ABC has will debut its first four episodes of the new series beginning Nov. 3 then take a short hiatus while the Winter Olympics air. We're not worried—V is totally worth the wait.

Project Runway: Whew! Michael Kors is back in action on this week's P.R. We were getting pretty tired of those less-catty, stand-in versions of the fashion icon.

The Beautiful Life: And just in case you've been living under a rock, Mischa Barton's foray back into your living rooms has been cut short. But TBL's loss is Melrose Place's gain, which will now run reruns in its place.

In lieu of this week's Spoiler Chat (sorry!), we're answering a few questions to help tide you over:

Jonathan in New York: More on the HIMYM mom, please.

Cobie Smulders tells us that the reveal might be soon. "I don't know if they already cast somebody for that, but whoever it's gonna be is going to be a great actress," she said backstage at Emmy rehearsals. "When it's revealed it will be the end of the show, or it could happen that she is revealed and becomes a castmember of the show." Interesting.

Kimmy in Seattle: I've read that Clay has some big secrets on One Tree Hill? Any idea what they are?
Not entirely, but it sounds like Nathan's basketball career isn't the only thing that brought the sports agent to Tree Hill. Superstud Robert Buckley tells us: "He has a lot of mystery in his past, and they did not waste any time introducing that. Episode seven has been my personal favorite so far…I was so completely enthralled and affected by it." And while we're not sure what it is, Rob says that people will be filtering in and out of the show to piece together his past life.

Jack in Palm Springs, Calif.: Forget the Jam wedding, what else is coming up on The Office?
Following the big Niagara Falls nuptials, Michael (Steve Carell) accidentally brings the Mafioso into the world of Dunder Mifflin. "Michael's meeting with an Italian-American gentleman while [Jim and Pam] are away on their honeymoon, and the coalition of reason is a little weak in the office," show runner Paul Lieberstein (Toby) tells us. "It comes to everyone's belief that Michael has just met with the mafia for insurance money." Obviously, we anticipate hilarity to ensue.

Jack in Las Vegas: I just heard that Katee Sackhoff won't be back on Nip/Tuck. What's the deal?
Fret not, tuber, she'll be gracing your screen in 24 this season. "Rose McGowan replaced me [on Nip/Tuck]. I'd only signed on for four episodes, and then I got a pilot, so I couldn't do anymore episodes," Katee explained to us at the Madison and Mulholland Charitable Giving Emmy suite (right after she generously donated two Harley Davidson jackets and an awesome Battlestar Galactica helmet to her charity of choice). No hard feelings from the BSG alum, though: "I'm sure she'll do a great job."

Janet in Palmdale, Calif.: I loved the season premiere of Californication. Any spoilers?
In episode two, "The Land of Rape and Honey," Hank starts his teaching gig at the university and Chuck Bass takes Professor Moody's criticism too hard—OK, it's just Ed Westwick guest starring. In the meantime, someone gets raped and Becca lashes out, leading to more father-daughter drama than we've ever seen on the show.

—Additional reporting by Kirstin Benson


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