Eclipse Set Goes Into Lockdown

No outsiders allowed on set of the new Twilight movie, not even Oprah

By Ted Casablanca Sep 25, 2009 5:10 PMTags
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart,

Summit has us just where they want us. And by us, we mean Robsten fans, Twilight fans and the media.

See, Team Awful is planning on making an impromptu (totally!) trip up to Vancouver, B.C., very shortly to do a little Eclipse snooping since everyone on set is MIA in the media and all mouths are on may-jah lockdown.

We put a call in to Summit to see if we could get any on-set access ('cause how much Twi pimping do we do?), not to molest Robert Pattinson or anything, but just to observe a bit of how filming is going.

Let's just say they didn't say, "Ted and Taryn, come on down!" Two's company though, because we were told not even Oprah's being granted permission to visit the set. Swear. The Big O…zero access. It's friggin' nuts!

Well, don't forget:

We just happen to have more than a few besties who are already there, so no sweat! But really: It's smart on the studio's part to keep the media at bay, 'cause it gives them all the power. Which Summit knows, of course. Now that they have their Robsten situation totally in control, it's time to whip some journalists in line, too.

Here's what the suits have in store:

That incredibly bland ass-kissing rag People has been playing nice recently after the whole "Rob's Messy Love Life" debacle and is being graciously rewarded by at least one superexclusive New Moon pic for a Twi special they're putting together (on stands mid-October we hear).

"That's one reason why no one is allowed on the set of Eclipse," fesses Deep Twi. "It's time to get the emphasis off the third film and back on New Moon."

Please, as if any of us have forgotten? But in case you have, look for Us Weekly to have another special Twilight edition out momentarily—only this time it's filled with paparazzi shots, or so we're told.

Hey Summit—Team Awful can play nice too (sorta). If we're extra good can we get any special photos? Or at least first rights when the Robsten sex-tape is released? We kid, we kid, but seriously...throw us a friggin' vampire bone! Right fans?

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder


We'll practice—let's make Summit happy and bring the focus back to New Moon in our New Moon Rising gallery!