What Elisabeth Hasselbeck has lacked in onair camera time, she's apparently attempting to make up for with offscreen drama.

The new—and seemingly amped-up—mama made a brief telephonic return to The View this morning to check in with her fellow cohosts during the final weeks of her maternity leave from the show.

Speaking of her newest born, Isaiah, Hasselbeck said that while it's smooth sailing now, his entrance into the world wasn't exactly without hitches.

"He's great. We had a little bit of a hiccup," she said, adding that he was "in the hospital for a couple of weeks more than we thought."

While she didn't elaborate on what caused the extended stay, she said that now "everybody is safe and home and healthy."

And maybe a little smelly.

"I haven't showered in about a week. Be thankful that it's via phone."

And never one to shy away from a potential controversy, Hasselbeck said that she was no longer breast-feeding the babe.

"I was and then given Isaiah's health situation, he seemed to be doing better on the formula, so I'm sure the milk mafia will be creating a statement right after the show," the clearly over-it mother said.

As for her "yummy" and "cute little bundle," it won't be long until Hasselbeck takes leave of her maternity leave. She's due to return to the show in mid-October.

"This Republican will be back giving you trouble in no time," she said.


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