Find Out Why Jennifer Morrison's Character Is Leaving House

Get the exclusive scoop on what drives Cameron to ditch her job, and her man, after more than five years together

By Kristin Dos Santos, Jennifer Godwin Sep 24, 2009 8:19 PMTags
Jennifer MorrisonJordan Strauss/Getty Images

According to our favorite frenemy, Jennifer Morrison's run as Dr. Allison Cameron on House will end midseason, and her exit was a creative decision on the part of the producers. (Meaning Morrison didn't quit; she was written out.)

OK, so that's the alleged behind-the-scenes situation—according to a rep, "The show does not have any comment" on reports of Morrison's exit—but forget the Hollywood drama. What drives Cameron to ditch her job at Princeton-Plainsboro after more than five years in House's orbit?

Read on for the exclusive scoop we got from insiders on why Cameron leaves her husband and the hospital...

Here's what sources spill about Cameron's departure: After Chase treads a thin moral line on a case involving an African dictator, he and Cameron both decide they should get out of Princeton while the getting's good. They plan to quit the hospital together and go somewhere else where they can focus on their relationship and on each other.

And then House gets involved. Because House (Hugh Laurie) is the devil. (Argh!)

House, who loves nothing more than to pour poison in the ears of his friends, starts talking to Chase about Cameron. House suggests that Cameron forgiving Chase for his misdeeds with the dictator is out of character for her.

Shortly thereafter, Chase has an inexplicable change of heart and decides he wants to stay with House after all. Cameron is understandably upset.


According to insiders, this all goes down around episode eight.

If nothing else, this certainly casts a new light on what Jesse Spencer told us at the House premiere party in Hollywood last week: "I've got a lot of storylines coming my way. There's a bit of dodgy doctoring going on. But dodgy doctoring is all we do on the show. Bend the rules a little bit—that's what House does. If House was practicing medicine [in the real world] he'd have lost his license on day one."

Long story short: Chase drank the boss' Kool-Aid, Cameron didn't and horrible, horrible House wins again.

What do you think about this major cast change? Does Jennifer's departure from House and the final destruction of Hameron ruin the show for you, or will you carry on in the company of Cuddy and Thirteen and not mind one bit?


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