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Robert Pattinson may be in high demand, but it's not coming from the people over at 30 Rock. Even though Tina Fey's NBC hit is arguably one of the most popular shows on television, they have no interest in one of the most popular actors of the moment.

We chatted with Emmy-winner Alec Baldwin about possibly bringing Rob onboard his hit show (remember, we're all about making Pattinson branch out from his Twilight roots). Surely Alec's teenage daughter, Ireland, has fallen under Rob's spell...right?

So would Baldwin push for a guest spot for R.P.?

"Uh...I don't know," Alec 'fessed, so not into the idea. "I'm sure shows like Desperate Housewives want him. There's no shortage of opportunities for him. But our writers don't write for stars, with one exception, and that would be Oprah."

Oh, Alec, love ya, but you have no idea the fury you have just unleashed! Especially since backstage, we found 30 Rock execs pitching other stars the opportunity to come on the show, as they were doing to...

Justin Timberlake

Tuukka Jantti,

Justin Timberlake.

J.T., also an Emmy winner, was hanging back in the pressroom when one of the behind-the-scenes peeps approached him.

"Justin, man, we need to figure out a way to get you on 30 Rock," dished one of the writers. Timberlake seemed into it, too, with an eager, "Oh yeah, for sure, man, love to" response.

Funny, what happened to the "we don't write for stars" stuff? If you ask us, sounds like the award-winning crew thinks all this Twilight crap is beneath them! Don't you? Like how dare they ask suggest a passing trend join our Emmy-winning show when we get the likes of Oprah and Jennifer Aniston to guest star!

Seriously, passing Rob off to an ABC show that doesn't get nominated for crap anymore? Burn!

Think we've found the first group of people not falling under the Pattinson spell. Hate to say it, but is it almost kind of refreshing?


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