Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton, entering one of her favorite spots in L.A. and hitting up the Kate Somerville Emmy Lounge this weekend. And in true Hilton fashion, Pare was pimping herself out. P.H. donned a purse from her new line (not gonna lie, it ain't all bad) and was seen browsing through the chic rooms there off Melrose.

Perhaps one of the more shocking things Paris did? Eat!

It's crazy when we have to chronicle Hollywood gals actually keeping food down. Hilton filled (and finished) two plates of the Kale and Peanut dish from M Café and was still ready for more. Angelina Jolie...take note, honey!

Another gal ravenous for freebies was...

Debra Messing, also booking her goodies-lovin' bum to Kate Somerville. Who knows what drama really went down back in the day with Rachel Zoe, but whatever Messing is doing now is working, have to say. Red looked absolutely flawless in zero makeup even before heading over to the Bare Escentuals area.

We ran into Deb a lot this weekend, and up close this girl is giving Courteney Cox a run for her cougar money, for sure.

Not aging nearly as well a few streets over in Bev Hills...

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his fam, lunching at the Four Seasons Hotel. Ironically, though, the Governator was looking the best of the bunch in a powder-blue shirt and gray slacks, while his wife did the hippie thing with a brown sheath dress and a long gold necklace.

Now, the good news is über-thin Maria's put on a little weight, which is a good thing, 'cause she's finally appearing healthy instead of Hollywood-rexic.

After the family Schwarzenegger had a nice meal, one of his daughters said "thank you for lunch, Daddy," and they all went their separate ways—Maria sans bodyguard...can you believe it?  Wonder where frisky A.S. was headed all by his lonesome?

Def in good, hot company out East...

Ralph Fiennes, putting his best pickup line forward at a gay bar...with a girl, though. Fiennes was looking all right at the Cubbyhole in NYC, drinking Cosmos and sporting a light blue cardigan, a blue shirt and jeans.

His female target was a babe whom our eyes describe as "a Sean Young-in-Blade Runner-esque chick." In fact, R.F. appeared so captivated by this babe, he didn't even notice when the bartender handed a shot to someone over his head, spilling some of it on Ralph-doll's shoulders. Drier, but less good-lookin' in D.C....

Kenneth "babyface" Edmonds, not showing much of that kiddie puss we see so often in pics. Kenny, at a CNBC store at the airport in Washington, D.C., thought he was being awfully nice to a guy who approached him for an autograph, wasn't lookin' too suave, wearing a Members Only-style leather jacket.

Hair? "Not good," reported our flying eyes. Skin? "Not good." I guess that's how he really looks, and the pros just touch him up in photos (shocker).

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder, Susan Michals, Martin Haro and Ashely Nunes

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