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Dear Ted:
About your recent comments on Jennifer Aniston not acting her age: What would you do if your man left you for a younger and much hotter lover? Maybe she's hung up on keeping up? The other thing is that maybe Jennifer never had better taste in men. Wasn't Brad Pitt a totally irritating wannabe like John Mayer many years ago? Maybe Aniston likes 'em young and fame whoring. Lastly, can you be more specific about what exactly happened between her and Pitt? Much love and hugs for the breakup.

Dear Two's a Crowd:
I think Braniston fell into an unhealthy routine-like marriage—when you get bored, there's sure to be trouble lurking around the corner. Especially when she's big lipped, dark haired and has a body you'd kill for (at least back in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith days). Also, ultimately Brad and Jen had extremely different interests, never a good combo.

Dear Ted:
Screw all these pretty boys you seem so in love with. Let's discuss a real man. Robert Pattinson has nothing on Jon Hamm. Any secrets we should know about him?

Dear Hamm Sandwich:
Oh, honey, we are all fans of Jon Hamm here at the A.T. He's the Robert Pattinson of his generation, even if Jon disagrees. As for dirt on Jon, we're so working on it. Heard some interesting rumors 'bout him. We're digging.

Dear Ted:
You are probably going crazy with the need to reassure Robsten fans that Rob and Kristen Stewart are still going strong, and yet, here I am, another worried fan. The last two to three weeks we have seen R.P. on his own at parties and dinners, no K.S. in sight (other than the VMAs, which was work). I know you have said they are both independent, not needing to be with each other all the time, but please, can you just once again let us know they are together and strong and happy? Any maybe give us a clue as to one example of their togetherness lately?
Worried & Definitely Obsessive

Dear Reading Too Much Into It:
We've hardly seen Rob out on his own a lot. He spends most of his time in seclusion with a certain costar. And they are both perfectly fine about that.

Dear Ted:
I want to know what's up with Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuels?

Dear More Twi Loving:
Good question. What do you think?

Dear Ted:
So where was Jessica Biel on Emmy night? Why wasn't she with Justin Timberlake? Are my dreams coming true? Did he dump her?

Dear Out With the Old:
She's so boring, who cares. This relaysh won't be for least not if Justin grows a pair.

Dear Ted:
Your entry about Courteney v. Jen was unbelievably harsh! I have to ask, why are you so invested in Jen's choices? You condemn her for them left and right. Courteney has admitted to plastic options (Botox, for example), and that's hardly embracing her age. I really think you should back off a bit, because this entry was downright nasty and selective in terms of what Courteney has versus Jen. Your harshest writing yet. If someone were that hard on me, I'd be in tears! Try printing a few items that are favorable to Jen for a change. You might find it as refreshing as we would.

Dear Power of the Keyboard:
Look, I'm hard on the guys, tooSeth Rogen and others, regarding their figures, Jeremy Piven for his douchedom. I just wish Jennifer would move on, already. She's such a great catch. Wish she'd see that herself.

Dear Ted:
I have to wonder if the split between Michael Angarano and Kristen Stewart was amicable. After all, he isn't speaking to the press about it (and surely hell hath no fury like a Z-lister scorned), Could it be the studio threatening him not to speak? Wouldn't this be a good opportunity for some publicity to jumpstart his career? Surely this can't just be an issue of class.

Dear Letter of the Day:
Would you be happy if you were dumped for a set of hair, literally? We sure wouldn't be surprised if M.A. was getting something to stay shut...a career boost hopefully?

Dear Ted:
What's up with Ian Somerhalder? He doesn't look as gorgeous as he used to. Not trying to be catty. Just wondering if it's the way the makeup artists are doing his "look" on Vampire Diaries. I know he's still far too good-looking not to have a Blind Vice—just have no idea what it is.

Dear I'll Maybe Tell:
Women are his vice. Inappropriate women, too.

Dear Ted:
Why is it all right for the cast of shows like Gossip Girl to date, but Robsten can't? The shows last much longer than the movies, and the chemistry for the characters on both movie and TV still matters. Not everyone is like Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush. I'm new to your site and love you.

Dear Check the Ratings:
The Twilight franchise has so much more money riding on it than G.G. And it's not that Robsten can't date, but they can't do it in a way that will put the movies at risk: publicly.

Dear Ted:
Is Fruzzy Tuna-Stench Emile Hirsch? If not, I'm guessing Emile is already another B.V. Any clues?
Something's fishy with that guy

Dear What's Cookin':
You must be catching the wrong smell, 'cause you're way off. Think different genre, same douchey attitude.

Dear Ted:
Watching the red carpet for the Emmys, why is it that they never showed Neil Patrick Harris' partner? They always show the spouses or dates of other actors, but rarely gay partners (Ellen being the exception). Is it that the television media still finds it offensive (in "real" life) or skeptical about showing gay partners? Is it the partner doesn't want to be seen? Or is it like the government's military policy "don't ask, don't tell," where if you don't see it, it won't be offensive [to some]?

Dear How I Met Your Boyfriend:
Bull's-eye on the last sentence.

Dear Ted:
So Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles...You seem to be giving us snippets and off-the-cuff remarks. I was wondering is this too close to home or all in some of our heads? Best friends, bromance, romance, friends with benefits or just two guys who work together? I gotta admit I'll love them anyway. Honestly, I think that, like me, the majority of their fans will support them and think they're awesome either way. But curiosity is a bitch.

Dear Friends With Benefits:
But it's a little fun too, right?

Dear Ted:
You've got some of us in a muddle with all this bearding business. What do you call a girl who is unknowingly dating and having sex with a guy whose true affections lie with his secret boyfriend?

Dear Dummies:

Dear Ted:
First off I must say that I absolutely love your site. I'm truly addicted (like stars are to their nose candy). My question: Has George Clooney ever been a Blind Vice? And is it true he has some not-so-straight tendencies? If so, you two would make a fab couple!

Dear Star Power:
You'd better believe our beloved Georgie has been a B.V. Victim. As for that second part, you don't really think I'd answer that, do you?

Dear Ted:
You said that when they make Breaking Dawn that you hope Kristen isn't wearing granny panties, but if you watch Twilight closely, when they show Bella and Edward in her bedroom kissing, you can clearly see that she is wearing colored bikini briefs. So why would they change them to granny panties? Also, will the New York premiere date for New Moon be released?

Dear to the Point:
Granny panties is a broad term, darling, didn't think I need to get too technical. I was too busy watching Robert Pattinson's behind instead of Stewart' sorry!

Dear Ted:
Why are the most beautiful men gay? Wait, you don't need to answer that. Just tell me if Kellan Lutz has been a Blind Vice. He is gorgeous.

Dear Lusting for Lutz:
Not directly, no.

Dear Ted:
Want your opinion on Eclipse? I am worried David Slade will make Eclipse into one of his horror movies, especially based on reports that this will be more of a "guy movie." If the reports prove to be true, Summit has made yet another mistake and perhaps it's time for a new writer. Can't Stephenie Meyer stop this madness? There is still time to save Breaking Dawn with a decent director and a writer who will stay true to the book. What do you think?

Dear Premature Freaker:
Let's give D.S. the benefit of the doubt: Eclipse won't be some slasher flick. Not possible. Hopefully, by more of a "guy movie" he means showing more skin. That's something we wouldn't be opposed to.

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