Stephen Moyer didn't need a red carpet to see stars tonight.

The very-much-in-love True Blood star had far more to say about his "very funny and very frank and very direct and beautiful" costar and fiancée, Anna Paquin, than he did about any of the Emmy nominees.

"Firstly, I fell in love with her talent," Moyer told E! News while walking the carpet outside Los Angeles' Staples Center. "We were actually improvising and trying stuff, [like] 'It doesn't work this way, let's do it another way,' and so immediately I was very excited about that.

"And then after a few weeks, we'd finished working and I was back in London and she was in New York and I really, really missed her..."

It was then he knew she was the one.

And what about that proposal?

Moyer said he asked True Blood's costume designer what his beloved's ring size was so that he could plan for the ultimate surprise.

The proposal "was very intimate and quite surprising for her, I think, and we were by ourselves at dinner in Hawaii and...I surprised her.

"But it was something that surprised me probably more than it surprised her."

Paquin, of course, has remained her frank, direct self throughout their courtship.

"She doesn't take any of my nonsense," Moyer said.


Vampire love definitely doesn't suck. And we've got the photographic evidence.

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