Rihanna, Victoria Beckam

JP Yim/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bergdorf Goodman

The one week out of the year we are über-pissed this column isn't run out of New York is during Fall Fashion Week. L.A. is totally dead, while all the most fabulous stars come out to play in NYC.

But one plus to being a long flight away is that when we diss a fashionista goddess, as we're about to with Victoria Beckham, she won't come kick our asses.

Look, we adore Posh.

Anyone who can claim they get to bed David Beckham regularly is clearly someone to be worshiped. And while we heart her fierce style, we're not feeling one of her more recent ensembles. Thigh-high boots are a fall must, yes, but Vicki's tight leather come-ef-me heels can really only be pulled off by...how do we say this delicately, a generation that grew up listening to the Spice Girls.

Take Rihanna, for ince. Love or hate her out-there style, this girl can rock almost anything. She's daring and has fun pressing stylish buttons. Like Posh, she too has the attitude to complement some badass 'fits, but Ri-Ri has one thing going for her: youth.

We do not consider ourselves ageists here at the A.T., but there are some looks you just can't pull off once you start moving up decade levels. It happens to us all! (My tees can't be quite as tight as they used to be.) So, Vicki, keep the cutting-edge looks coming, but let's factor in age a bit more shall we? There are new trendsetters in town.

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