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Dear Ted:
Why must you turn Ashley Greene working the VMA into a personality contest and throw Kristen's name into it? It just causes more hatred towards Kristen from those who are jealous of her acting talents and of her being with Rob. I don't understand you sometimes because you complain about Summit not giving Robsten enough security, yet you provoke these nutty fans by making Kristen look bad. Could you have wrote this article without using Kristen name in it at all? Be responsible with your words, don't turn into Perez. Leave Stew alone she has been through enough already!

Dear Overdramatic:
Oh come on, everyone knows we adore K.Stew here. Plus, what is Hollywood without a little innocent competition? The Twilight girls love it, trust.

Dear Ted:
Has Kate Hudson lost her mind? She used to be a movie star, but lately every time I see her she looks like she's had one foot long wiener too many. Will she ever go back to being the cute blond I root for in my favorite rom-coms or will I have to continue suffering with the likes of Katherine Heigl?
Jane J.

Dear Poor Man's Hudson :
Kate circa the How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days era was adorable. But that's because she was married and not flaunting her readily available bod all around town. I think that poisoned the sweet image of her to many fans. Not that there's anything wrong with Kate getting hers, she just should have done it in a Jennifer Aniston kinda way.

Dear Ted:
Tell me, o wise one...Is Jackie Bouffant the amazingly, gorgeous Taylor Kitsch? I'm so confused (I'm beginning to think you want it that way). Anything would help. Even the smallest clue. Thanks, hon.
Shay in Memphis

Dear Fishing for Kitsch:
Surely you're not as confused as Jackie is, sweet thing. But fear not, Tay-Tay is safe from this one! Think more conniving.

Dear Ted:
Isn't all this promotion for TayStew going to bite Summit in the ass when they have to promote Eclipse and they're supposed to be pushing for Edward and Bella again?

Dear All's Forgiven:
Hardly—Twi fans will totally forget and relish in the fact Robsten is back together for photo ops. But Taylor will still very much be lurking around, we can assure you.

Dear Ted:
Now that Bradley Cooper is A-list, what do you think of him and Jennifer Garner, his co-star in Alias, hooking up?

Dear Get Out Much:
Except what about that heavy piece of metal on Jen's left ring finger? I don't think it'll be on there much longer, but still not a fan of this pairing.

Dear Ted:
Having a brave moment here and wanted to take a stab at the ID of a Blind Vice...I'm thinking Tuna Fruzzy Stench is Keanu Reeves.

Dear So Close:
Totally think why you would think that, especially with his recently unshowered looks. But no, Fruzzy looks just a tad more put together when he's out in public. Just by a hair tho.

Dear Ted:
No one will care but me, but WTF happened to Nick Carter? Saw a BSB photo taken in Germany recently. Is he healthy or on drugs—honestly, I can't tell!

Dear Backstreet's Back:
Consider it the post-Paris curse.

Dear Ted:
What is your opinion on LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian?

Dear Whatever:
That he can do better.

Dear Ted:
Could be no one cares but what's the word on how Michael Angarano felt about the breakup with Kristen? They were always holding hands and seemed content in public. Four years is a long time to be together in the biz isn't it? So—Hearts Breaking on Angarano's side of the tracks?

Dear Benched Boyf:
How good hearted of you to wonder! There's no way anyone would feel good about being pushed to the side for R.Pattz, but have heard they were rocky before Rob swooped Kristen away. MA certainly seems fine now that he's been canoodling his way around LA.

Dear Ted:
Is Me-Me Dallas Demi Lovato?

Dear Disney Darling:
Close my friend, but not close enough! Me-Me is within six-degrees of Disney separation though.

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with all the Evan Rachel Wood hate? I think she is a talented and beautiful young actress. She was amazing in Once & Again.

Dear Small Percentile:
It's tough being the gal on a vampires arm ain't it? Just ask Kristen Stewart! But ERW doesn't have the best rep in H-Wood, personality wise included.

Dear Ted:
What is with celebrities naming their kids the weirdest names ever, like Sparrow James Midnight Madden? That isn't even the worst one. I've known some people that have named their kids some stupid stuff, but the whole world doesn't know about it. Their should be a law requiring prior-review for celebrity baby names.
Super Girl

Dear Too Much To Handle:
It's become like a one-upping competition at this point. The weirder the name the more popular the fam? Blame it all on Moon-Unit Zappa.

Dear Ted:
We see pictures of Jackson Rathbone in VC, but always on his own or with his band—not with others from Twi cast. Is he friendly with them offset or is he trying to stay away on purpose? Does he have a girlfriend these days?

Dear Curious for Rath:
Not everyone has to be super tight buds just cause they film together. Know that he gets along with everyone in the cast (some very well), but he's got his own group of friends, too.

Dear Ted:
How are things with Super-Duper Copper? Is he a changed man?
Crazy Dog

Dear Still Troopin':
Hardly! He's dirtier than ever.

Dear Ted:
I keep reading that John Mayer is a douche but I really can't understand why. Can you please point me at the right direction? Tell me is possible that he isn't really that bad?

Dear Wake Up:
You know how guys talk to their friends about recent hookups? Well—he does that and blogs about it, for starters. Plus, you have no idea the stinky things he does behind closed doors.

Dear Ted:
So the New Moon premiere date was announced, Nov. 16th. Being the aerospace and Twilight nerd that I am, I looked up the lunar schedule for that day...can you believe what I found? That day will actually be a new moon! Did Summit choose that on purpose or is it just a sign from the Gods?

Dear Coincidence:
I wouldn't put it past that crafty, and always finagling studio to plan it that way.

Dear Ted:
Orlando Bloom
seemed like he'd be the next Johnny Depp, but I haven't seen him in anything lately. What happened and does it have anything to do with the fact that he looks emaciated and only dates emaciated women?

Dear Off Our Radar:
Totally agree with you. He hasn't kept up his hot career very well has he?

Dear Ted:
Do you have any dirt on Samantha Ronson? Is she as crazy as Lindsay or is she just watching that train wreck like the rest of us? I just can't understand why they are together again.

Dear Bad Seed:
Honestly, I've heard SamRo is a super sweet gal. Not even nearly as crazy as LL. Don't know how she puts up with Lohan's ridiculousness. At all.

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