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Television's most bitchin' buddies are back.

All right, you may think we're off our rockers on this one, but Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope and Aziz Ansari's Tom Haverford are taking Pawnee by storm in the sophomore season of Parks and Recreation—and we like it!

From accidentally lobbying for gay marriage to fighting a growing drug ring in the tiny Indiana town, the twosome have revived the series that had some trouble finding its footing during the first miniseason.

Leslie is still aloof, but lovable and always well-meaning, and in Aziz's own words: "There's some Tom being a little sensitive here and there—I don't think he's a mean-spirited guy. He does care about Leslie."

Awww...We caught up with Amy and Azizie (as she adoringly dubbed him) on all thing P-Rex including those darn comparisons to The Office ("I hope this season we get compared to that show NCIS with LL Cool J," quipped the funnyman), Leslie's new loverboy and just what is up with the Pit.

Wanna know what else is up in P-town? Check and see for yourselves inside...

The general vibe on P-Rex this season is summed up concisely by Poehler: "We don't want to overreach, but every single episode will have life, death, happiness, sadness, anger, rebirth, redemption and a very clear conclusion," joked the SNL Weekend Update star. "Again, I don't want to overreach."

Leslie gets her own boy toy early on in comedian Louis C.K., who pops up in Pawnee in episode two as a police officer who takes a liking to Ms. Knope.

"Leslie just decides she's over Mark, and this guy Dave comes in, and he really likes her," Amy tells us. "She's having a hard time figuring out how to act around someone who's very available and very into her."

Poehler is thrilled to have her longtime friend playing her crush, and we've seen their first interactions—so sincere and adorable. We're guessing fans will dig this pairing.

If it doesn't work out, Amy has two suggestions: "Wesley Snipes or Jimmy Carter as himself." Perfect!

Parks and Recreation, Rashida Jones

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As for a future with her former office fling, Amy reports: "Unfortunately, her feelings for Mark Brendanawicz (Paul Schneider) are not completely over. I hope that good things happen, but it's up to the writers—and Jesus Christ." Plus, within the first two episodes, Mark's already dating someone else—hint: It's someone whose name rhymes with Mashida Lones (Rashida Jones).

We're also going to see a more likable side to Aziz's Tom, who last season was kind of an ass and put on a womanizing front. We'd almost forgotten he was married! "We find out a little bit more about his relationship with his wife. And in the third episode, he gets to judge a beauty pageant, which for him is going to be a blast," says Azizie (we're hooked on Amy's nickname).

As for the pit, which is responsible for bringing the town of Pawnee to our televisions, Amy says it's still there, but more of a background storyline.

"The pit is a constant thing that symbolizes Leslie's frustration. We're checking back with it, but certainly as the show gets more oxygen we're allowing ourselves to go in different places." (And these are places that are both funny and truly help revive the series.)

We enjoyed season one of Parks and Recreation simply because of our fangirl devotion to Amy Poehler, but this year it's a series that seems to have found its footing with more relatable storylines and fleshed-out characters. There's still the occasional oddball (see Chris Pratt's twist), but we're digging this show as a companion to our other faves, Community, The Office and 30 Rock.

Are you sold on checking out Amy and Aziz again this year? Sound off below.


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