The unthinkable happened this Labor Day weekend: Britney Spears actually sang live during a show! At her tour stop in North Carolina, B-babe took a break from fake-belting her own hits and sang a cover of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughtta Know."

OK the angsty tune's sorta a karaoke staple at this point, but bonus points to a more confident Brit for at least trying. We thought we'd never see the day when B.S. would actually turn her mic on while strutting her stuff onstage and let the world know what she sounds like sans studio mixers.

What's next, an acoustic album? Probably not.

Are you rocking out to Brit's natural singing voice or shaking and crying? Vote in the poll!

Awful's Singing Spears Poll
What do you think of actually hearing Britney's singing voice live?
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