George Clooney Debuts Italian Girlfriend in Venice

The actor brings Elisabetta Canalis out in public after vacationing together in Lake Como

By Cristina Gibson Sep 08, 2009 5:50 PMTags
George Clooney, Elisabetta CannalisVenturelli/Getty Images

Forget that bandage he's sporting. Let's talk about the arm candy George Clooney showed off at the Venice Film Festival: Elisabetta Canalis

Although the two have been snapped vacationing in Lake Como together, this is the notorious bachelor's first public appearance with the Italian TV presenter. That means it's serious, folks (in Hollywood terms, at least).

The duo arrived in style on a water taxi the day before the premiere of Clooney's newest movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and the two are already the talk of the town.

Italian papers are even dubbing the couple as the new Brangelina. And just like Brad and Angie, their little love affair may have been undercover for a while...

According to Elisabetta's costar Alessandro Siani, George had his sights set on Elisabetta for years.

Siani worked with Canalis in a 2006 Italian movie. He said a mystery car would follow them every day after filming, when Siani accompanied her back to their hotel.

"One day, I finally decided to go over and confront the occupants of the car. I went over and to my surprise, who was sitting in the car? George Clooney!" Siani told an Italian magazine. "This isn't a new fling."

We're sure his ex Sarah Larson wouldn't be happy to hear that their romance may have overlapped.


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