Levi Johnston Talks Sarah Palin & Posing for Playgirl

Bristol Palin's baby daddy keeps his name in the news with some new, tame gossip

By Jennifer Cady Sep 02, 2009 8:24 PMTags

Aww, it's Levi Johnston! That hunk of burning love from Alaska who can't stop talking about Sarah Palin.

It's been exactly one year since the now ex-Gov. Palin came into our lives. Somehow, Levi has managed to stick around by just revealing random little tidbits about the Palins whenever he gets a chance.

And look at him, writing for Vanity Fair, a real magazine that likes to pride itself on its exclusive fanciness. In "Me and Mrs. Palin," Levi says he had to do all the cooking for the Palin kids since there was no parenting in the house:

"The Palin house was much different from what many people expect of a normal family, even before she was nominated for vice president. There wasn't much parenting in that house. Sarah doesn't cook, Todd doesn't cook—the kids would do it all themselves: cook, clean, do the laundry, and get ready for school. Most of the time Bristol would help her youngest sister with her homework, and I'd barbecue chicken or steak on the grill."

Also, Sarah tried to adopt Bristol and Levi's lovechild so that no one would ever know.

"Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn't have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn't give up."

Good thing that didn't happen. Otherwise, we might have missed out on all the joy Levi Johnston brought into our lives, and then where would we be? 

His final bit of Palin gossip for today is that Sarah decided to quit her governor job because it was "too hard" and there was easy money to be had elsewhere. (Duh.)

"I had assumed she was going to go back to her job as governor, but a week or two after she got back she started talking about how nice it would be to quit and write a book or do a show and make 'triple the money.' It was, to her, 'not as hard.' She would blatantly say, 'I want to just take this money and quit being governor.'"

Those are just a few little excerpts from Levi's article, and he really doesn't reveal anything too shocking. Maybe the whole thing will be more scandalous? At the very least, Vanity Fair's little stunt did give us this video of Levi and his manager friend Tank talking about the possibility of the famous baby daddy posing for Playgirl.

Word is, he's really going to go through with it, too. Although he will not be showing his johnson (as Tank put it), he's only up for underwear shots.


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