Ashley Hamilton: I Want to Look as Good as Gilles

George Hamilton's son talks about following in his tanorexic father's steps on Dancing With the Stars

By Marc Malkin Sep 03, 2009 2:00 PMTags
Dancing with the Stars, Ashley Hamilton, Edyta SliwinskaABC/CRAIG SJODIN

If there was ever a time for Ashley Hamilton to take on his dad, George Hamilton, in the tanning department, it's right now.

The younger Hamilton, 34, says he's more than willing to be spray-tanned for his stint competing in season nine of Dancing With the Stars.

"He was so tan, they had to untan him on the show," Ashley cracks about his 70-year-old famous father, who competed on DWTS in season two. "But I'm sure by week one, I'll be just as tan. I'll finally get the family crest."

Ashley, who is paired with Edyta Sliwinska (just as his dad was), says he's surprised how much the training is kickin' his butt...

"I always used to watch the show and was like, 'What are all these f--king losers complaining about? Why do they have to be such p--sies?' " says Ashley, an actor-singer who's now focused on a career in stand-up comedy.

"But now that I'm doing it, I'm kind of the same loser complaining about how hard it is. There are two things I thought I'd never do in my life. One of them was to get sober, which I did," he said. (Read more about getting clean and his friendship with DJ AM here.) " And the other was dance. And I definitely didn't think I'd dance sober."

And he's certainly getting in better shape. He credits the dancing and the Optimal Cleanse diet (Robert Downey Jr. apparently used it to get ripped for Iron Man) for helping him shed about 15 pounds in the last month.

"I'm hoping I can look as good as Gilles from the last cast," Ashley said. "I'm the goofy Gilles, though. Gilles is cool. I don't think I'm that cool. I mean, I'm cool when I don't dance, but when I start dancing I kind of unravel."

Well, if Ashley gets even half the bod Gilles has, we'll be happy to watch him unravel anytime.


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