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Best of Summer

What a summer. It had some excellent movies, amazing TV shows and some incredibly sad moments as well.

But who owned this summer? What was the story that had you in its grips for the past three months?

Was it the rise of vampires? Whether you were talking Robert Pattinson and the Twilight gang or all those sexy True Blood stars, bloodsuckers were everywhere.

Or maybe it was reality families: The marital woes of Jon and Kate Gosselin tore up the tabloids, while the huge Duggar clan made a sly move toward taking on the mantle of top reality-show family. (Heck, if each of the kids had a TV, they could probably double their ratings.)

Perhaps it was the wealth of talent lost this summer: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, DJ AM.

Or it was aliens. Not only did hunky Chris Pine get it on with a gorgeous green lady, but District 9 was a surprise alienated hit about bigotry, fear and the surprising appeal of cat food.

We won't get anywhere just wondering, so take the poll—and then post a comment below about your favorites or those you think we missed.

Best of Summer: Who Owned the Summer
Which story grabbed you this summer?

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