Jackson Pal Arnie Klein: Willing to Take Paternity Test...Just Not Yet

Attorney for King of Pop's longtime dermatologist says he is open to the idea of a DNA test for Paris and Prince Michael

By Gina Serpe, Whitney English, Aly Weisman Sep 01, 2009 6:20 PMTags
Michael Jackson, Dr. Arnold KleinPool Photographer/Getty Images, Sgranitz/Getty Images

On the sliding scale of likely baby daddies for the Michael Jackson brood, it's safe to say Arnold Klein is a few notches above Macaulay Culkin.

Not that Klein plans on proving—or disproving, as the case may be—any time soon the unsinkable theories wrought by his admission that he once donated sperm.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, the attorney for Jackson's dermatologist and close pal, tells E! News that Klein is not exactly opposed to taking a paternity test to see if he's a match for Paris and Prince Michael, but doesn't have any plans to do so…unless asked by two people in particular.

Well, three if you count a judge.

"The court certainly would not order a DNA test after the death of the conclusively presumed biological parent," Kaplan said. "I think that if, at some point in time, the minor children reach their majority, which they will, that will be a decision I would assume they would make…they alone would make."

But a verdict one way or another wouldn't alter Klein's affection for the children.

"Whether he is or he isn't, it's not going to make him love these children any more or less than if somebody else were the source," Kaplan said. "In the past there was a very close, loving relationship. I think they referred to him as Uncle Arnold."

And Uncle Arnold isn't looking to be upgraded to Father Arnold anytime soon, with Kaplan adding that Klein isn't seeking to overtake Katherine Jackson as the children's guardian either now or at any time in the future.

"I think that he would like to be able to, as he promised his friend, do what he can to see that the children were making the best decisions.

"He would like to have input in respect to educational decisions for them, that's something that was particularly important to Michael Jackson."

Also apparently important to the late superstar? Making sure his three kids do not follow in the family business.

"Michael had asked Dr. Klein over the course of their friendship that if something were to happen to him while his children were still minors that Dr. Klein, as a friend, would do what he could do to protect the children from being in the life of an entertainer. That was to have as normal a life as possible.

"My understanding is that he regretted he didn't have a chance to be just a normal child not in the spotlight…all those normal aspects of life growing up that I think Michael greatly missed and didn't have the opportunity to experience."


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