DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)

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Did DJ AM kill himself? Maybe. Maybe not.

What we do know is that a rep for the New York City Medical Examiner's Office disputes reports that suicide has been ruled out in the death last Friday of the celebrity spinner.

"We have ruled nothing in and we have ruled nothing out," spokeswoman Ellen Borakove tells E! News. "Everything is still pending. Nothing has changed."

An autopsy Saturday was inconclusive, and investigators are banking on toxicology tests to help figure out the cause of death for the 36-year-old DJ, whose real name is Adam Goldstein. Borakove says it will be "several weeks" before the report comes back, and the medical examiner won't speculate on the cause until then.

Borakove refused to confirm a TMZ story citing a law-enforcement source claiming AM succumbed to an accidental drug overdose. A small bag of crack was found in his apartment, along with a crack pipe and prescription pills nearby.

Sources tell E! News that AM, a recovering addict, had begun taking anti-anxiety meds after surviving last year's Learjet crash with pal Travis Barker of Blink-182.

The suicide theory was on the table because AM had reportedly just broken up with model Hayley Wood and, in a 2008 interview with Glamour magazine, admitted that his past struggles with drug addiction led to a suicide attempt when he was 24.

But Goldstein may have been looking ahead to the future.

"[Adam] was not suicidal," a close pal insists to E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca. "The fact it [suicide] is a possibility stuns me. That's not the kind of person he was."

"I spoke with [Adam] the night before," another of AM's friends added. "In talking with him, there was nothing that led me to believe anything was wrong. He was upset over his recent breakup, sure, but Adam was all business talking about his gigs for the upcoming week."

People quoted a source as saying DJ AM's final communiqué was a text sent to two friends at 1 a.m. Friday about a gig he had scheduled at the Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas' Palms hotel.

No word what the message said. But his failure to show up at the airport prompted his pals to call authorities, who found his dead body in his apartment.

AM's remains have since been released to the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in New York.

A spokesman for the funeral home would not reveal any details, saying, “Everything is private we’re not allowed to give out any information as a courtesy to the family.”

Although AM is originally from Philadelphia, his mother, Andrea, lives in Los Angeles, and it is believed his body will be interred there.

(Originally published Aug. 31 2009 10:30 a.m. PT)


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