Project Runway All-Star Sues Over Beyoncé's Tour Togs

Chris March seeks upwards of $45,000 from star's tour design team; reality show finalist was hired as head of costumes for I Am... world tour but has yet to be paid

By Gina Serpe, Whitney English, Lindsay Miller Aug 27, 2009 7:43 PMTags
Beyonce Knowles, Chris MarchJason LaVeris/Getty Images; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Beyoncé's I Am… extravaganza is a tour de force. It also just became a tour de fierce.

Project Runway all-star Chris March, he of the outlandish costume design and seemingly incessant narcolepsy, has filed suit against Beyoncé's world tour costume designers (but not the star herself) for failing to make good on payments promised for properly outfitting Sasha Fierce.

Those robogloves and futuristic superhero outfits don't pay for themselves, you know.

March, who placed fourth on both the All-Star special last week and during the fourth season of the reality hit, filed the suit on July 23, seeking upwards of $45,000 for wardrobe services rendered.

"Chris March's lawsuit is not against Beyoncé, but rather against Thierry Mugler and Tancrede Prinz, who owe Chris money for having designed and fitted Beyoncé's costumes," March's lawyer, Leslie Ben-Zvi, told E! News.

Sounds like a job for the fashion police. Or the New York State Supreme Court.

March, who filed suit on behalf of both himself and Carelli Costumes Inc., claims in court documents that he was hired as "head of costumes" for Beyoncé's tour by Mugler back in February of this year. His job was "to create, pattern, fit and deliver finished costumes" for her tour.

For several months after, while Beyoncé was donning his very duds around the world, March sent a series of invoices to Mugler, most of which remained unpaid.

And while the Runway alum is looking to recoup the funds that are rightfully his, the designer (looking out for his clients as well as career, no doubt) says he bears no ill will toward his muse.

"Chris continues to be a big fan and admirer of Beyoncé," Zvi said. "And Beyoncé is a big fan of Chris' as well. She continues to look beautiful in anything she wears, especially Chris' costumes."


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