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Giuliana Rancic had a good reason to celebrate yesterday. Her Style network reality show with hubby Bill just got picked up for another season!

"We were a little nervous at first, because there were some interesting moments in the beginning," the E! News host admitted at the Victoria's Secret Beauty launch for Heavenly Enchanted.

"When we first started shooting, we were fighting, but once you realize you're in it don't take it so seriously. People are learning from our relationship, and it's a good thing."

Giuliana says watching their interaction on TV has been a learning experience for her, too...

"It's like therapy, because we get to watch ourselves on camera and the way we interact," she said. "I go, 'Oh my god, Bill, did I really say that to you? I'm sorry, ' or 'I'm so annoying, sorry I interrupt you all the time.' "  

Giuliana also said that you can't blame producers or editors for making you look bad on reality TV. "You watch these people like Omarosa from The Apprentice, and she blamed the producers and editors for the way they portrayed her, quote unquote," she explained.

"But that's you, that is who you are. It's not the editing, it's not the producing; that's who I am and who Bill is. When we act like idiots, that was us, it wasn't the editors."

While the first season of Giuliana & Bill showed how they make their long-distance marriage work (she lives in L.A. and he's based in Chicago), the second season will focus on the couple's hope to start a family.

Sounds like they'll have plenty of practice. After she finished up interviews at Victoria's Secret, Giuliana said she was picking up some thongs!

"He loves anything like that," she said of Bill's preferences. "He likes seeing that stuff in the bedroom."


For more Giuliana & Bill, check out their wedding photo gallery!

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