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Ted Casablanca is traveling this week and mail is being tackled by Team Awful—so try us!

Dear Awful Truth:
Do you think Robert Pattinson has the potential to be a great movie star like Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio? We know he is hot but do you think that he has what it takes (like talent) to be a solid name in the movie industry?

Dear Like Leo, Like Pattz:
Of course! 'Member, it took a long, long time for either Brad or Leo to drop their heartthrob status to be taken seriously as an actor. Once Rob's done with the Twi flicks he'll have a whole lot more opportunity to seek out more Oscar-baiting fare. Zac Efron's attempting that right now; let's see if he sticks around post-HSM, too.

Dear Awful Truth:
Who do you think is a better-known artist, Taylor Swift or the JoBros? And don't you think Taylor could kick Joe Jonas' ass in a fight? He probably couldn't move 'cause his pants are so tight!

Dear Bro Fight:
The Jonas Bros tower over Taylor, popularity-wise. As for your ass-kickin' question, I think the Jonas trio has enough to worry about from the Wayans Brothers' fightin' words. 

Dear Awful Truth:
Celebrities used to have relationships just for the PR. Is it still that way today? Also, I hate these reality stars who think they're hot stuff just because they are on TV.

Dear Rock Dweller:
Almost every H'wood pair-up, whether rumored or real, is for PR. Whether set up by publicists or the stars themselves. Problem is, sometimes one person in the coupling doesn't know they're being used.

Dear Awful Truth:
What's up with Taylor Lautner? Who is he actually dating? Sara Hicks? Selena Gomez? And can you give us one thing he's hiding?
Princess Cool

Dear Laut Love:
I can tell ya he's definitely not dating Kristen Stewart, 'tho all the Summit-approved publicity surrounding them would like you to imagine so.

Dear Awful Truth:
Is there something going on (romantically) between Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard (as weird as that question seems, especially when I type it out). Thank you kindly!
Kansas Girl

Dear Gross:
Jake and his brother-in-law? Jake's a lot of things, but incestuous he is not.

Dear Awful Truth:

Gotta love me some True Blood! My question is regarding Alexander Skarsgård. My gays and I all have well-functioning gaydars when it comes to celebs (well, except for really butch and bearded ones that you call Blind Vices), but we all agree that we just get static interference when it comes to the Swedish hunk. He's just as mysterious as his character on the show! What's your vibe indicating?

Dear Blood Lust:
Alex's likes to keep his dating life private—too private? Hard to tell, mostly cause he plays hetero- and-homoerotic so equally well on the show. Whatever gender gets him, they're damn lucky!

Dear Awful Truth:
I am confused...I thought you work for E!, right? So watching E! News tonight, they quoted the Daily Mirror article saying that Rob is in fact single, yet you reported (correctly) that it's a fabricated story. My question is, do you guys coordinate stories with E! News at all?

Dear Gossip Blogs of a Feather:
Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but typically The Awful Truth is its own beast.

Dear Awful Truth:
Why are some people really judgmental? Kristen is only 19! I've read quite a few comments about her style and I personally absolutely love the fact that she doesn't dress all pretty and girly with stilettos! Why should she have to? It's not like she's a 25-year-old. This girl is younger than Vanessa Hudgens, who plays 16-year-old characters, and just look at the roles K.Stew does. I don't think people realize how young she is and expect her to be some sort of robot wannabe.
West London Teen

Dear Grow Up So Fast:
Is 19 young? We forget with 25-year-old-behaving Miley Cyrus and 35-year-old-looking Ali Lohan running around. But 'tho not every outfit Kris wears is a winner (personally I miss her chic look during the Twilight press tour), it's all so definitive K.Stew. If she had a fashion line, I bet it would be tons more interesting than Gwyneth Paltrow's. 

Dear Awful Truth:
Why do you hate Gerard Butler?

Dear Butler Fan:
We don't hate. We're just not impressed. In his looks, his manners or his taste in women

Dear Awful Truth:
Tell people to stop being mean to Nikki Reed! Nikki is no Rosalie. She's a supernice girl and I adore her. I hate having people be mean to her! She had a horrible childhood and mean things only make her feel worse. Nikki is my idol, so please, tell people to stop bitching about her.

Dear Boo Hoo:
Does everybody with a bad childhood get a free pass? I know tons of babes who never had a bad day in their life and they're bitchier than anybody. And may I inquire why you idolize her so very much?

Dear Awful Truth:
If Rob and Kristen really are a couple, shouldn't they have all the right to keep it private? I don't think it's slanderous to say that he doesn't have a girlfriend. If he really wants the relationship to work, it's probably best that they stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. It would be really difficult for them to have any privacy if they came out as dating. Just look at all the Twi-hards. Don't you think they would be much happier if they could date without the paparazzi and screaming fans?

Dear Robstenizing:
Keeping a secret is 10 times more stressful on a relationship than just admitting it to the public. They might be happier having a normal courtship, but it only gets more out of hand dodging conspiracy theories and dating under the rule of thumb of a studio.

Dear Awful Truth:
I know you love to hate Gerry Butler, so just spill the beans: He's the star of how many blind items? Plus, make something clear for me, once a celeb gets their blind item nickname, they stick to that or do you use more than one nicks for some? Love!

Dear Ugly Truth:
Believe it or not, Ger's managed to stay out of our Vice section. Tho if he was one, he'd have one name and one name only, as is how we do things here, babe.

Dear Awful Truth:
What's the deal with Tomkat? I'm from Melbourne and when Tom Cruise isn't in Australia, Katie Holmes keeps a low profile. As soon as he comes back, they have been photographed together quite a few times playing the "happy family." I smell a phony relationship, am I right?

Dear Happy Family:
Does Tom enjoy being married? Hell yeah! Who else would paint a prettier picture of Tom than a doteful wife and cutie-pie daughter posing next to him?

Dear Awful Truth:
I have to know—is Fruzzy Tuna-Stench George Clooney? Thanks!

Dear Wonderin' Woman:
Clooney's got tons more taste than Fruzzy. They wouldn't associate in the same circles.

Dear Awful Truth:
Hey, Ted! I loved your latest Bitch-Back about Gillovny! I miss that couple so bad. Will we know more about them soon? You said they are interested in coming back. Should we stay tuned or leave here? I want to let you know there are still lots of Gillovny fans out there. And will the Duchovny-Leoni fake end anytime soon? I keep on hearing David is already divorced.

Dear Ex-Files:
Still married, in the legal sense of the word. I can guarantee you'll get more Gillovny before you see another X-Files sequel, blech.

Dear Awful Truth:
Do you have any good gossip on John Krasinski, or is he a good guy like his character on TV?

Dear Jam Fan:
J.K.'s basically who he plays on The Office, except in real life he's famous and has hooked up with much more glammer babes (i.e., Emily Blunt) than Pam (no offense to Jenna Fischer, 'course).

Dear Awful Truth:
There are two sides to every story. In a previous Bitch-Back you implied that Brad Pitt had to put up with a lot in his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. So we know Brad's not perfect, so what did she have to put up with during their marriage?

Dear Pitt Pondering:
Besides his love of totally uncomfortable couches? She sure put up with him making eyes with his costar Angie a helluva lot longer than I would have if I were married to the horndog.

Dear Awful Truth:
The other day you told us there is a very hot romance on the set of One Tree Hill and you left us wondering who is dating who among the cast. Please, I beg you, can you give us a hint? Let's put it this way: Can you tell us what kind of secret romance it is? Compare it to your top favorite couples: Is this secret romance Robsten's kind of hotness or Jackles' (Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles) kind?

Dear Over the Hill:
Nowhere near as droolworthy as either. If it weren't secret we still wouldn't care much.

Dear Awful Truth:
It's been a while since you gave us an update on Grey Goose. What is the chance of having a new blind item about him? He is intriguing.

Dear Mystery Man:
He's wised up since last we checked in on him.

Dear Awful Truth:
Just a quick question, what are you feelings regarding Jennifer Aniston? It seems that you flip back and forth calling her a lovable lunatic and then stating you liked her more that Angelina and next your saying that don't let a few bad Jen's ruin the name for ya. Some days you're firmly on her side and then you flip back…what's the story, morning glory?
Your Nana

Dear Aniston Inquisition:
Depends which side of the bed we wake up on, and what Aniston's hair is looking like that day. I kid, but all in all, the A.T. wants the best for Jenny, and we show it with some tough love. Sometimes our hugs are a li'l bit rougher than usual.

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