Rachel McAdams, Antonio Sabato Jr.

George Pimental/Getty Images; Kayte Deioma/ZUMAPress.com

Rachel McAdams as a contestant on My Antonio, the new VH1 reality show in which women compete to go out with former Calvin Klein underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr.?

Like that would ever happen.

Even so, it sure would be a hoot if it did.

"I really like Rachel McAdams," Sabato told us earlier today after taping a guest spot on Style's The Dish. "I met her in New York and I think she's really beautiful."

According to Page Six, the two were introduced to each other recently at the Today show. The gossip column claims McAdams blushed when she told him that he was her teenage crush.

Meanwhile, Sabato says he has another reality show he'd love to land—Dancing With the Stars.  "I'd really like to do it," he said. "I would work my ass off for that show."

—Reporting by Erica Stein


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