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With the Greek season premiere approaching, we knew you needed your questions answered about what's really going on with Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) and Casey (Spencer Grammer). It just so happens we uncovered the answer and a whole load of other scoop that will make your jaws drop.

In this Greek-themed Spoiler Chat, stars Amber Stevens and Dilshad Vadsaria are the ones dishing out the scoop just for you, though you may need to read between the lines for the juicier stuff that can't be said out loud.

So which boys are possibly cheating on their gals this season? Who gets in a catfight? And could Greek row at Cyprus-Rhodes be on fire...literally?

Emily in Chicago: Can you give us scoop on what's going to happen on Greek when it comes back this month?

Dilshad: We start where we left off and there's flashbacks to the End of the World party that show the audience things no one knew about in the season finale. Every character is affected by what happens at this party. Rebecca did something really bad to a friend. She really hurt a really good friend, so she's trying to make up for it. It's somebody who she cares about, and Rebecca doesn't do that for everybody. In this case, Rebecca is actually apologetic, and she does truly feel bad and tries to redeem herself. Maybe not in the best way, but she tries.

Amber: Something big has happened at the End of the World party, and it will cause some problems between Ashleigh and Fisher [Andrew West]. Ashleigh will have Fisher on a short leash for a little while, while they try to figure out if their relationship is worth salvaging. Something does happen where they are going to have some problems between the two of them.

Krista in Lafayette Hill, Pa.: Is there anything juicy coming up this season?
Amber: Rebecca, Casey and Ashleigh are [at each other's throats]. It's pretty funny.
Dilshad: It's during the 'Our Fathers' episode. The dads come in and try to make everything OK with the girls. It escalates to an all-out catfight at one point. The dads end up taking sides.

Rachel in Mesa, Ariz.: Any scoop on what's going on with the ZBZ house this season?
Amber: What's going on with the ZBZ house is that they're no longer No. 1 on campus. There's a possibility of making the house No. 1 again, and it all falls on Ashleigh, and she doesn't know what the hell she's doing. She doesn't have any experience and never even asked to be the president. She has no idea what her duties entail and that gets her in trouble with the new pledges in the house. She is asking Casey all the time for help, and just trying to figure out what to do.

Greek, Spencer Grammer, Scott Michael Foster


Becca in Los Angeles: Is Cappie from Greek going to come to his senses and be with Casey? I can't wait until the end of August to find out!
Amber: The question will be answered this season. You'll have to wait a little bit to really get into what's going to happen, but first episode back Casey and Cappie are going to figure it out. You'll get some sort of answer right at the beginning of the season. I don't know that Ashleigh really approves Cappie for Casey, but she knows they're meant for each other.

Dilshad: With the Casey-Cappie situation, you'll definitely see that relationship go places. They are very heavy in regard to giving the audience different steps for that relationship. It won't be exactly what you think it's going to be coming off the End of the World party, but you'll see.

Kaitlyn in Seattle: What's coming up with Rebecca this season? Any love interests?
Dilshad: I will tell you there are no specific love interests for Rebecca, but there might be a little spark that doesn't necessarily come to fruition. They want to see where that goes and where they're going to take that relationship, but there is a spark. I think now you're going to see Rebecca figuring out that she's in the house and in college, so she's going to have fun. There are things that she does, and you kind of wish you could do it. She's going to be that girl.

Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: Forget the Cappie-Casey relationship! What else is happening on Greek this season?
Amber: The friendship with Cappie and Evan [Jake McDorman]—they are trying to figure out if they can be friends with each other. Also, the relationship that Calvin [Paul James] gets into takes you through the season.

Dilshad: Ashleigh has an arc on how she perceives people. You have Rusty's [Jacob Zachar] relationship, not just with Jordan [Johanna Braddy], who is his love interest. Rusty and Dale's [Clark Duke] relationship goes to a place where you really didn't think Rusty and Dale could ever go to. I think every character is given something. Also, the Kappa Tau and Omega Chi relationship—definitely with the season finale—that's going to be huge.

Olivia Munn


Richard in Boston: What can you dish about G4's Olivia Munn guesting on Greek this year? Any other guest stars?
Amber: Olivia Munn causes a love dispute between some of the boys on the show; she starts somewhat of a triangle with the boys. Nora Kirkpatrick comes on the show as one of the Panhellenic leaders, and she's really funny. She and Spencer have a lot of scenes together. [Charisma Carpenter] won't be back this season. Not yet, so far.

Bella in San Diego: Are these kids ever going to graduate? How much time is actually going to pass this season?
Amber: It's just a couple of months and the second-to-last episode is Thanksgiving, so it's just the first semester. Ashleigh goes home for Thanksgiving, but I think some characters are left behind. It's like Casey, Rusty, Rebecca, Cappie and Evan. I think they're trying to mimic the Peanuts' Thanksgiving where they eat popcorn and jelly beans and are all friends together.

Kyle in Fargo, N.D.: I heard a rumor that they're already filming the season finale of Greek, even though this season hasn't even premiered. What's going to happen?
Dilshad: I don't know if we've done an episode this big. There's so much going on. There are special effects teams going on. Maybe [there's a fire]. It's not too far off from that idea. We're also doing competitions, so there's a lot of stuff going on.

Greek premieres Aug. 31 at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

Are Cappie and Casey meant to be? Are Fisher and Rebecca hooking up? So much to discuss! Hit the comments already!


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