Astrologer Susan Miller Reveals What the Luckiest Day of the Year Means for Each Zodiac Sign

Astrologer Susan Miller wants you to know that "dreams come true in May." In particular, she reveals why May 18 is considered the Luckiest Day of 2024 and what each Zodiac sign can expect.

By Alyssa Morin May 15, 2024 11:00 AMTags
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The stars are quite literally aligning in your favor.

In fact, famed astrologer Susan Miller reveals that the month of May will bring an abundance of good fortune for any and everyone. But come May 18, you'll feel extra special because it's considered the Luckiest Day of 2024.

"The Sun is aligned with Jupiter—the giver of gifts and luck," the Astrology Zone founder exclusively told E! News. "Wherever you have Jupiter in your chart, it enlarges possibilities. And Jupiter's like Santa Claus, he doesn't want anything in return. His whole mission is to make you happy and to make more of life."

In essence, there's no better time to step out of your comfort zone when May 18 rolls around.

"I want you to do something hard to achieve," Susan encouraged. "If you have to go to the dentist and you're terrified, that's it. Or go and ask for a raise."

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But before you read about what May 18 means for you, Susan noted that it's best to look closely at your Sun sign (the position of the sun when you were born) and your rising sigh (the Zodiac sign that was rising or ascending when you were born).

As she put it, "Dreams come true in May."

With that, keep reading to find what each sign can expect from the Luckiest Day of the year in 2024.

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How will the Luckiest Day of 2024 bring each Zodiac sign?

Aries: "Aries will have it in the house of money—earned income, not winning. And this could be regular income, this is not a one-time chunk. This is perfect for asking for a raise or pitching a client if you're in sales."

Taurus: "Taurus is going through their emerald year. If they're born on the luckiest day, they get double luck. If you're born on a day that's special, it follows you the whole year because it's your solar return. But everybody will have something to celebrate if they're Taurus. It could be love, it could be a fabulous trip, it could be meeting someone new or having a job interview. They're as lucky as leprechauns."

Gemini: "Gemini is more muted. Someone behind the scenes is recommending them, but they don't know it yet. There are discussions about them and it will come out. But you have guardian angels, Gemini, who are caring about you. You are on the shortlist of stars-in-the-making, a person to watch."

Cancer: "Cancer has luck from friends or from a group they belong to, like, women in film or American Society of Journalists and Authors. The club could help you or a friend, who recommends you or makes an introduction. It could be a in love or business. But a friend is likely to touch your heart."

Leo: "Leos have the most spectacular career aspects of anybody. Hands-down, the luckiest day of the year is insanely good for Leo. This is the day to interview for that big job or pitch a client or do self-promotion."

Virgo: "Virgo is getting ready for a big career year, but not yet. May is when they should travel, and it should be to a place you need a passport for entry. They should start spinning their compass. They're the ones most likely to have a dream trip."

Libra: "Libra is as lucky as they could possibly be with money. That's a day you could either get money for yourself or for your company. Your parents may even give you money. Money just comes to you—you're a money magnet. Don't be shy on that day."

Scorpio: "Scorpio has it with marriage or partnership. You are magic with all kinds of collaborations. If you're working with a publicist, an agent, it's such a good time to collaborate. Scorpio likes to do things alone, but you don't have to do everything by yourself."

Sagittarius: "Health and fitness is fabulous, and also work. This is the time to get a trainer or pick up a new sport and start getting lessons. It's also good for work projects. And Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so they are going to feel this more intensely than any other sign."

Capricorn: "Well, did they hit the jackpot! For Capricorn, it's in the house of love—new love, true love, fun. It's also pampering experiences, like going away to a five-star hotel or going to the spa and having a romantic time with your partner."

Aquarius: "They are so lucky with real estate, it's crazy. If they need a new apartment or they want to buy that dream house, you have less competition. Nobody is buying a home right now. Or do anything for the home, they could buy a new piece of furniture or a rug."

Pisces: "Pisces could take a short trip, and it would be in their vicinity—not too far. Also, there's a lot of emphasis on writing and speaking. They may be asked to give a speech or hand in a manuscript. Also, if you sign a contract on that day (and any of the signs can do this but especially Pisces) profits really start flowing."

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