Gypsy Rose Blanchard Details Why She Thinks “the Best” of Her Mom 8 Years After Her Murder

Gypsy Rose Blanchard posted a Mother’s Day message in honor of her mom, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard, who she was convicted of conspiring to murder in 2016.

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Watch: Gypsy Rose Blanchard Details Why She Thinks “the Best” of Her Mom 8 Years After Her Murder

Gypsy Rose Blanchard had a special Mother's Day message. 

Several months after the 32-year-old's release from prison for her role in the murder of Clauddine "Dee Dee" Blanchard, she marked the holiday by reflecting on her relationship with her late mother.

"It does not go without notice that my own biological mother is not here to celebrate Mother's Day," Gypsy explained in a May 12 TikTok video. "What I choose to feel on Mother's Day regarding my own mother is that I think the best of her."

And Gypsy—who has spoken out about the alleged Munchausen by proxy she experienced at the hands of her mom—also noted her outlook, while paradoxical, is valid. 

"I think about her as not what she did to me," Gypsy continued. "But I think about her as a person. And I think that—was she a good mom? No. Was she the best mom in the world? No. But she was still my mom. So what I choose to feel about her—whether that be guilt, anger, grief, resentment, whatever, that's mine to feel. No one can take away my own feelings about my own mother."

Stars Celebrate Mother's Day 2024

Gypsy pled guilty to second degree murder in 2016 after she and her then-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn—who is currently serving a life sentence for carrying out the attack—both conspired in the murder of Clauddine. Following a trial where she detailed her mother's abuse, Gypsy was originally sentenced to 10 years in prison. She was released three years early in December.

TikTok / Gypsy Rose Blanchard

In the video, Gypsy touched on her spiritual hope for her mother beyond the grave, and expressed hope that she was making her mother "proud" as she continues to grow, heal and mature. 

"Do I have regrets? Oh, yeah. I've got many," she continued. "Nobody is going to be able to tell me things about myself that I don't already know."

The Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup star went on to thank women in her life including her stepmom Kristy Blanchard, her aunt Vicky, and Raina Williams, the mother of her ex-fiancé Ken Urker, with whom she recently rekindled things.

@gypsyblanchard.tiktok Happy Mothers Day to the wonderful women in my life?? @Kristy M Blanchard @Raina Williams ? original sound - Gypsy Rose Blanchard

"I have a really good group of women in my life to guide me and show me the way," Gypsy finished. "They're always going to be there to have my back. They're really, really good mothers."

Keep reading to see what Gypsy has been able to accomplish after her December 2023 prison release with the support of her honorary mothers, family and friends.

"First Selfie of Freedom!"

After being released from prison on Dec. 28, Gypsy Rose Blanchard snapped her first Instagram selfie.

"Married Life"

Gypsy and husband Ryan Anderson shared a glimpse into their new era together.

"Sister Love"

Gypsy reunited with her sister Mia Blanchard amid her new chapter.

Goodbye 2023

"A New Years Eve Eve kiss with my hubby."

Turning the Page

Gypsy also ended 2023 with an Instagram selfie.

Red Carpet Debut

Gypsy and her husband walked their first red carpet at the premiere of her Lifetime docuseries The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

PDA Alert

Gypsy and Ryan kissed on the red carpet at the premiere.


In late March 2024, three months after her prison release, Gypsy shared that she and Ryan broke up.

"People have been asking what is going on in my life," she wrote in a statement on her private Facebook page, according to People. "Unfortunately my husband and I are going through a separation and I moved in with my parents home down the bayou."

Days later, Gypsy was spotted out with her ex-fiancé Ken Urker. He said that the two are "just hanging out as friends."

Physical Transformation

Gypsy underwent a rhinopasty and septoplasty (nose job) April 5, 2024. Her physical transformation is set to be documented on Lifetime's Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up in June 2024.


Gypsy filed for divorce from Ryan on April 8, 2024, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. The filing came nearly two years after their July 2022 prison wedding.

Gypsy's Tribute to Her "Soulmate"

In late April 2024, weeks after filing for divorce from Ryan Anderson, Gypsy announced she has gotten back together with ex-fiancé Ken Urker. The following May, she makes their rekindled romance social media official by sharing a video montage of their romantic moments on TikTok.

Love Story

In her video, Gypsy described her love story with Ken Urker "legendary."

The Burning Question

And when a fan, using her own past comments about ex Ryan Anderson, took the oppotunity to ask her in the comments a NSFW question about Ken, Gypsy responded quickly and candidly.

Animal Style

Gypsy tried her first In-N-Out Burger, a Double-Double burger served animal-style. She rated it a 7.

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