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It's hard being a young twentysomething lady who loves famous people. If everyone isn't calling you a fame whore, then you're just trying to get whatever famous person responsible for knocking you up to remember you.

Ugh, it'll be OK; just take underwear pictures and post them online. And if that doesn't work, have a close friend do the talking for you. This is how the story of Jude Law's baby mama Samantha Burke is going, anyway.

A close friend of Samantha's steps up and tells E! exclusive details of the brief relationship between the Sherlock Holmes actor and the aspiring model. It all started once upon a time in a club:

"She met him at a club in New York," says the friend. "He was sick, so she kept going to his hotel over the course of a week to take care of him."

And then poor, sick Jude didn't remember her after she did everything she could (even a steady dose of sex, obvi) to nurse him back to health:

"Jude didn't even remember her. She hasn't seen him since New York. They've only been in contact through their lawyers."

Now, this friend thinks Samantha is "crazy" for going through with the pregnancy, so one has to question her financial motivations. Good thing the seven-months-pregnant mom-to-be already cleared that up in a recent blog post:

"I can't tell you how far from a gold-digger I am. I've never dated a rich man in my life. I've always wondered how girl friends of mine could even ask their boyfriends to buy them clothes."

Still, her friend had to point out that Samantha comes from "a very white trashy town" in Pensacola, Fla., and "her family doesn't have any money." Just in case that means anything?


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