TikToker Allison Kuch Reveals Why She’s Not Sharing Daughter Scottie On Social Media

When it comes to her squad, TikToker Allison Kuch doesn't play around. She explained to E! News why she's largely keeping daughter Scottie offline and why husband Isaac Rochell is her MVP.

By Sarah Grossbart May 12, 2024 12:00 PMTags
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TikToker Allison Kuch will dish to her 3 million-plus followers about her uneven c-section scar, that time her dog Gus got sprayed by a skunk, even her digestive issues. But her and husband Isaac Rochell's 5-month-old daughter Scottie Bee is not in play. 

"Because of the opinions of people on social media, keeping our daughter more private was a very easy decision," she told E! News in an exclusive interview. "I think parenting is one of the most controversial things, whether they're sleeping in a bassinet or in their room or formula-fed or breastfed. There's such an opinion on everything. And we both want to keep our daughter safe from, not only the judgment of other people, but also the weird people in the world." 

And the few times the 29-year-old has helped her daughter suit up for a social media experience, she's reminded she should stick to her original game plan. 

"The little parts I do show of motherhood, people are like, 'Did you do that? Did you do this?'" Allison recounted. "And I'm like, 'OK, maybe I shouldn't share that much.'"

Football's Hottest Couples

But she is willing to open up her playbook when it comes to parenting. 

Among her keys to victory is her husband Isaac, the NFL defensive end more than pulling his weight as a dedicated #girldad. "You hear all the negatives, like, 'Oh, having a baby is going to change your marriage,'" Allison shared. "And, yeah, things are difficult. There are the late-night feedings where everyone's tired and things are high stress."

Yet watching the former University of Notre Dame standout as a father "just makes your love for your husband grow so much." 


The free agent, who wrapped his year-long gig with the Las Vegas Raiders last November, has been dreaming about tea parties and princess costumes since the couple learned they were expecting a girl

"Everyone was so surprised when I shared our reaction because everyone assumes, like, oh, he's a football player, he wants a son," recounted Allison. And while she wouldn't necessarily have volunteered this information if they'd had a boy, "we both really did want a daughter. And their relationship is so special." 

Already an A-plus teammate to his wife ("He'll do the small things to the big things"), Isaac is already making plans for future daddy-daughter dates. For instance, "He wants to take her to get our nails done," said Allison. "He's just such a caring human and seeing him with a daughter, it makes my love grow." 

And, yes, he carefully diagrammed the Xs and Os to make Allison's first Mother's Day special. 

Noting she's the type to celebrate birthdays "like no other," Allison said her directive was "I want to celebrate Mother's Day more like mother's weekend." That means an afternoon of pampering, perhaps a massage, and then an outing to the beach with Scottie and their pups where she doesn't have to so much as glance at the diaper bag. As Allison put it, "I want to not think on Mother's Day." 

Should Isaac require an assist, he can turn to Allison's other MVP. 

"DoorDash has been my best friend since becoming a mom," she said of partnering with the brand to celebrate their Mother's Day gifting possibilities. (The company was actually there from the beginning, Allison even getting her pregnancy test delivered to her door.) "If I am running low on diapers, if I'm running low on wipes, if I'm like, okay, the baby's down and it was a hard day, I need a glass of wine, I am DoorDash-ing quite literally everything. And it's such a lifesaver."


It ranks right up there with the mama village she created for herself and some 4,000 of her social media followers. 

"I have one friend who is a mom and my other friend just became a mom," she explained of looking to fill that void with a place where people can feel comfortable to address the good, bad and smelly parts of parenting. "I was like, 'If you have any judgment, you're getting blocked, you're getting kicked out, because it's so important to have this village.'"

As she noted, "nobody gives you a handbook," or rather, they might, there being no shortage of parenting books chock full of what you should and shouldn't do to ensure the success of your child. But, said Allison, "All of them have contradicting information."  

Allison Kuch/Instagram

Which is why when asked what she's learned after four months in the trenches, she avoids speaking in absolutes.

The advice she would give to new moms is "It's really hard, but you're going to figure it out," Allison insisted. "No baby is the same, no mom is the same. So as much as I wish I could give people this, like, 'Oh, this is going to fix everything,'" there's no one winning play. 

Rather, the key, she continued, is "being patient with yourself. Because I think I had these expectations like, 'Oh, I need to be perfect, I need to do this, I don't want to mess her up.' But as long as you have the best interest of your child in your heart and you're always doing your best, it's going to be okay.'"

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