Taylor Swift's Personal Trainer Shares Her Fitness Secrets to Working Out Like "Professional Athlete"

Taylor Swift's fitness trainer Kirk Myers broke down her Eras Tour workout. Find out how the Tortured Poets Department singer became "stronger, better and faster" with exercise.

By Gabrielle Chung Apr 21, 2024 11:00 AMTags
Watch: Taylor Swift's "Professional Athlete" Fitness Routine Secrets Revealed

Taylor Swift really is the man when it comes to working out.

In fact, her personal trainer Kirk Myers believes that "some people would probably throw up or have to lay down on the floor if they trained like her."

"It's tailored," he told Vogue in an interview published April 19. "We approached her training for the Eras Tour with the mindset like a professional athlete. There was an 'off-season' when she wasn't touring and 'in-season' when she was."

And Taylor doesn't slack off just because there's a blank space on her tour calendar. According to Kirk, the "Fortnight" singer is in the gym "up to six days a week for sometimes two hours a day" during her downtime.

"Taylor is the most resilient person I have ever met," he said. "It's super-inspiring to see her consistently overcome obstacles and become better and stronger in the end. This also translates into her training and throughout her workouts."

The Dogpound gym founder continued, "I give her a difficult exercise or challenging workout, not only is she able to complete and push through it—but she also perseveres, moving forward into the next exercise. This ultimately makes her stronger, better and faster."

Taylor Swift Through the Years

As for the days when Taylor is on the road? Kirk said she still trains on average two times a week, with a focus on "strength and conditioning."

"Taylor trained during the entire tour," he shared. "In-season training was more about maintenance, and so it was more like stability, mobility, biomechanics."

Plus, Taylor's three-hour concert is a marathon in and of itself, so Kirk noted that also factors into her weekly workouts.

"If you've seen the show, you know how intense it is physically," he explained, before praising the Grammy winner's overall stamina. "Imagine doing that three, four days in a row and then you finally have a few off days and you're still showing up to gym. That's Taylor."

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But exercise is only half the battle. As Taylor previously noted, she also quit drinking in order to prepare for the record-breaking tour.

"Doing that show with a hangover," she quipped in her Time Person of the Year profile last year, "I don't want to know that world."

Vowing that the show must go on "whether I'm sick, injured, heartbroken, uncomfortable, or stressed," Taylor added, "That's part of my identity as a human being now. If someone buys a ticket to my show, I'm going to play it unless we have some sort of force majeure."

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"Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince"

The singer opens her first show of her The Eras tour in Glendale, Arizona on March 17, 2023.


The singer performs songs from her "evermore" era.

"Tim McGraw"

The star performs the song at the piano.

"Cruel Summer"

The singer performs her song from her "Lover" era.


The singer performs songs from her "Fearless" era.

"Blank Space"

The singer performs her 2014 hit single.

"Look What You Made Me Do"


"All Too Well"

Swift performs her 10-minute hit ballad from her "Red" era.

"You Need to Calm Down"

It's snazzy business-casual for Swift when it comes to her "Lover" era.

"Shake It Off"

Swift performs her 2014 hit single.


Swift performs one song from her "Speak Now" era.

"Midnight Rain"

Swift performs a track from her "Midnights" era.


Swift performs songs from her "Red" era.


The singer shows cases a romantic, dusty rose style.


The singer closes the show in a fringed outfit.