NASCAR's Bubba Wallace and Wife Amanda Expecting First Baby

Buckle up because Bubba Wallace and his wife Amanda Wallace have an exciting announcement. The NASCAR driver and his longtime love are expecting a baby.

By Elyse Dupre Apr 18, 2024 12:31 PMTags
Watch: Bubba Wallace and Wife Amanda Expecting First Baby

Bubba Wallace is shifting gears and preparing for a new course in life: parenthood.

The NASCAR driver and his wife Amanda Wallace announced they're expecting their first baby.

"Spring has sprung. Summer will be rad. Fall is the first time, We'll be mom and dad!" she wrote on Instagram April 17 alongside a series of photos of the couple with their sonogram and dog Asher. "Baby Wallace coming October 2024." 

The news comes a little more than a year after Bubba and Amanda, both 30, tied the knot in a New Year's Eve wedding.

"Feeling on top of the world after our first year of marriage!" the artist wrote on Instagram Dec. 31. "Man, I wish we could go back and relive the most epic night our lives. So excited for many more years of marriage with the love of my life, @bubbawallace."

The pair got engaged during a hike through Latourell Falls Trailhead State Park in Oregon in 2021. 

"I said YES!!" Amanda wrote on Instagram at the time alongside pictures of the proposal. "This man pulled off the greatest surprise and we are so excited to get MARRIED!!!!"

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In fact, they've been cruising through life together since 2016—when they decided to change lanes from being just friends to entering a romance.

"8 years ago we were just friends and I was stubborn..." Amanda wrote on Instagram in 2017. "1 year ago we thought it would be a good idea to date... sure glad I stopped being stubborn."


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