Bachelor Nation’s Trista Sutter Shares Update on Husband Ryan Sutter's Battle With Lyme Disease

Former Bachelorette star Trista Sutter explained how her husband Ryan Sutter is doing amid his Lyme disease battle, sharing that he's handling the symptoms like a "freaking superhuman."

By Leah Degrazia Apr 08, 2024 8:15 PMTags
Watch: Bachelor Nation’s Trista Sutter Shares Update on Husband’s Battle With Lyme Disease

Trista Sutter's husband deserves a rose for his strength. 

The former Bachelorette star gave an update on how Ryan Sutter is handling his Lyme's disease battle, sharing that he's doing "better" since sharing his diagnosis three years ago. 

"He definitely has a lot of ups and downs still and really would like to feel better at least most of the time," Trista explained on an April 7 episode of The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison. "He says he's about 80 percent."

And the reality star—who shares kids Maxwell, 16, and Blakesley, 14, with Ryan—had nothing but praise for how he handles the downs, explaining that he takes the pain in stride even when it's a "really significant" complaint he probably should share with his medical team.

"I would go to his doctor's appointments with him because he is so incredibly humble," Trista recalled. "I would tell his doctors, ‘You don't understand, he has an incredibly high pain tolerance.'" 

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The 51-year-old noted that if the roles were reversed, she believes she would be "bedridden every single day and maybe even hospitalized." That's why Trista admitted that it can be "very scary" when Ryan actually does talk about his pain.

"I'm grateful because had he not had the kind of tolerance he has," the Bachelor Nation alum continued, "it would've been even harder. And it still is."

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She added, "He is able to get through this because he's freaking superhuman."

After months of struggling with his health, Ryan, 49, revealed in May 2021 that he was diagnosed with Lyme disease, an illness caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi that is transmitted through the bite of an infected blacklegged tick and attacks the immune system, according to Mayo Clinic. Since then, the couple has stayed mainly out of the public eye, though they did make a rare appearance at Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner's nuptials in January.

And now that he's being treated for a specific diagnosis, Ryan shared that he's been able to overcome the worst of the condition.

​​"The tide is turning," he told People in July 2021, "and I'm feeling better."

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