I Had My Sephora Cart Filled for 3 Weeks Waiting for This Sale: Here’s What I Bought

I'm a Sephora Rouge member and an E! Shopping Editor. This sale is my Super Bowl and I'm here to help you score the best deals.

By Marenah Dobin Apr 05, 2024 11:04 AMTags
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As an E! Shopping Editor and a loyal Rouge member at Sephora, I've been counting down until this sale.  I cannot play it cool. I've had my cart filled for weeks waiting to get my discount today. I am just so excited for these discounts on makeup, skincare, and hair products.

For us Rouge shoppers, it's the grand opening of the sale, which means a sweet 20% discount on everything I've been eyeing. Plus, there's an extra treat for everyone: a generous 30% off on Sephora Collection items. It's a beauty lover's dream come true! Without further ado, here are the holy grail products I simply cannot live without with picks from Charlotte Tilbury, Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, OUAI, Color Wow, Givenchy, and more.

PS, I made sure to click "check out" before publishing this article because I was terrified my Sephora favorites would sell out. Make sure you use the code YAYSAVE at checkout.

Makeup I Can't Live Without

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

I'm not being hyperbolic when I say this is the most miraculous makeup product I have ever tried. It's incredibly easy to use and as the name suggests, it really looks like I am walking around with a filter on in real life.

E! Shopping Editor Tips: I wear this in so many ways: on bare skin, underneath makeup, mixed in with foundation, and over foundation to illuminate the high points of the face. I will never run out of this. Ever. 

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation

This foundation just looks like my skin, at its very best. I always go for the sample when there's a new 'It' foundation around, but I never actually buy a full bottle of any foundation other than this one. If I only had to use one makeup product for the rest of my life, this is it. It's worth every penny.


More E! Shopping Editor Insights: I am not even kidding when I say that I have eight bottles of this foundation in my bathroom. You know when you're 'done' using a product, but you can still get one pump of product out? I keep these near-empty bottles just to get that one pump of product on my makeup sponge. Plus, I always make sure I have a full bottle on hand for when I am in a rush getting ready or if I just don't have enough patience to get one pump of foundation from each bottle.

Summer House star Paige DeSorbo has recommended this too.

Saie The Base Foundation Brush

This super-soft brush is my go-to for applying foundation because it makes the process lightning fast. Honestly, it's so good that I bought a second one just to avoid cleaning it so often. Plus, snagging it at a discounted price? Count me in! 

Nudestix Tinted Blur Contour Sculpting Stick

These contour sticks are amazing to deliver subtle, natural-looking sculpt with ease (no more dragging for color payoff). They're an absolute game-changer.

E! Shopping Editor Tips: The brand advises using these sticks after foundation, but I use it before foundation to get a more natural, chiseled-from-within look. Plus, it's less work with blending when I use this before foundation.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

This is a weightless, natural-looking, long-lasting liquid blush that is incredibly easy to blend. This has been one of my favorites for a while. Each bottle lasts forever since you only have to use a teeny tiny bit to get that color payoff that you desire. The liquid blush is available in both matte and dewy finishes. 

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga Atomic Shake Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

When you think of liquid lipsticks, you probably picture a matte finish, but this one is all about the shine! It delivers a transfer-proof, super glossy finish that lasts all day without the need to reapply. It comes in six gorgeous shades.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Setting and Finishing Powder

This powder is pure magic! It's like an instant airbrush for my face, blurring out imperfections and minimizing the appearance of pores (which is a major issue for me). Texture-wise, it's smooth as silk, giving my skin that flawless finish I crave. My makeup stays put for hours longer when I use this gem. But the real game-changer? My shade (Color 4) to tones down redness, correct dark spots, and even out my skin tone. 

E! Shopping Editor Tips: I use this after I'm done with makeup. I swirl the powder in the container so all the different colors blend. I put it on with a powder puff and lightly press it into my skin. Then I will wait about five minutes before dusting it off with a brush. Whenever I forget to use this it is so obvious because there is makeup all over my collar. 

Skincare I Can't Live Without

The Outset Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser

I have very reactive skin, so I've spent a lot of time trying to restore my skin barrier and build up its resilience. I've always loved micellar water, but this is the first micellar cleanser I've used that lathers. I do rotate my cleansers, but this is the one I have been using the most because it is so gentle. Thank you, Scarlett Johansson.

More E! Shopping Editor Insights: It keeps my face clean and hydrated without that overly stripped feeling. This is also a great pairing for products with active ingredients so I am not overloading my skin. 

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Peace Out Oil-Absorbing Pore Treatment Strips

I have never been so happy with a skincare product so soon after using it for the first time. The pore strips I previously used had to be applied over wet skin. When they dried, it was a painful process to peel off the strip after 10-15 minutes. In contrast, these hydrocolloid strips stay on for hours and they don't feel like they're tearing my skin when I take them off.

E! Shopping Editor Tips: I put these pore strips on before bed time and let them do their thing.  This set includes nose strips and face strips (which I love to use on my chin and forehead).

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Cleansing Clay Mask

This clay mask clears up my breakouts and brings balance to my oily skin. I use it twice a week and it has kept my skin consistently clear. I could not be more in love.

Hair Products I Can't Live Without

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Hair Spray

This. Hairspray. Is. Everything. I am never without it. I always have a full one deck. It gives my hair a soft, flexible hold and it locks in my style, especially when it's super hot out.

OUAI Finishing Crème

Whenever I use this, I feel like my hair is worthy of a reality TV show confessional interview. It just looks that good. Use this finishing cream to tame frizz and give hair some shine. You can also use it before heat styling to protect your strands. I use this as the final step after I curl my hair and comb it out to give my strands some polish. 


Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Hair Treatment

Get ready to experience hair that shines for days, with a luminosity that looks like it's been photoshopped in real life. Trade frizz for sleek, smooth locks that defy humidity and maintain their flawless finish no matter what. This is a game-changer, my absolute must-have that I can't live without. 

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Repair Perfector

Restore damaged hair to get that healthy, shiny hair you've always desired with this product, which I think is a truly miraculous hair treatment, in my experience. I've been loyal to this one since 2020. It is a complete game changer for my routine. 

E! Shopping Editor Tips: Just apply the treatment to damp hair (not wet), leave it on for ten minutes (or longer if you want). I usually keep it on for about a half hour. Then, rinse it out, and shampoo and condition as usual. You will see and feel a difference the first time you use it, but if you want major results, work it into your routine by using it 2-3 times per week.

Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment

You can use the Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment on your hair after spraying on some water. Or if you have more money to spend, splurge for the Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Builder to prep the hair for even better results. It is so major.

E! Shopping Editor Tips: I brush my clean, dry hair to make sure there are no tangles. I spray No. 0 all over my hair, making sure each section is saturated with product. I set a timer for ten minutes. I keep this on my hair, without rinsing it out.

After leaving No. 0 on my hair for ten minutes, I add No.3 on my hair from roots to ends. If I'm in a rush, I just leave it on for ten minutes and that's enough. However, if I have more time, sometimes I will leave it on for a half hour. Then, I rinse this out, shampoo, and condition. 

Perfume I Can't Live Without

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum

If you want "you smell amazing" compliments everywhere you go, then this is the scent for you. It's the most refreshing, subtle floral aroma that you will want it with you at all times just so you can freshen up. This intoxicating, floral scent will be your new go-to.

What are the Sephora deals right now?

The Sephora Savings Event takes place from April 5-April 15, 2024. The Rouge shoppers will get 20% off their purchase during the whole duration of the sale. The VIB shoppers get 15% off starting on April 9. The Beauty Insiders can get 10% off starting on April 9. Everyone can save 30% on products from the Sephora Collection from April 5- April 15. Just make sure you use the promo code YAYSAVE at checkout.

What is Sephora's returns policy?

If you are not satisfied with your Sephora purchase or a gift you've received, Sephora welcomes returns on new or gently used products for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Returns on items purchased 31-60 days before, you can receive a credit at Sephora.

Are there any Sephora promo codes?

Use the promo code YAYSAVE at check out to get discounts during the Sephora Savings Event, which takes place from April 5-April 15, 2024. Rouge shoppers will get 20% off their purchase during the whole duration of the sale. The VIB shoppers get 15% off starting on April 9. The Beauty Insiders can get 10% off starting on April 9. Everyone can save 30% on products from the Sephora Collection from April 5- April 15.

How much is Sephora shipping?

Sephora has FREE standard 1-3 day shipping on all US orders for Beauty Insider members, no minimum purchase required. Guests get FREE standard 1-3 day shipping with a $50 minimum purchase.

Does it cost money to be a Sephora Beauty Insider?

It doesn't cost any money to become a Sephora Beauty Insider. All you need to do is sign up to start earning rewards points. Plus, you get free shipping on every order. 

What are the Sephora Beauty Insider benefits?

All Sephora Beauty Insiders earn 1 point per $1 spent. Points can be redeemed for Beauty Insider Cash and deluxe samples. You also get free shipping, birthday gifts, and access to point multiplier events among other benefits. 

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